The hunt for the threat’s new host is almost over as the front-runner emerges – E! Online

Who is it: the prospect ahead Danger! host? After a long process, fans seem to have the answer.

A source close to the venerable game show confirms to E! news that mike richards, who joined Danger! And wheel of Fortune last year as executive producer, is in the process of closing his deal late success Alex Trebek As the permanent host of the trivia series.

Insider tells E! The news is that the job has been Mike’s to lose from the start, and no other candidate was offered the role. Mike will fill in the big shoes of Alex, who hosted Danger! for 36 years and passed away in November 2020 After his battle with pancreatic cancer.

“Mike has wanted this job ever since he joined Danger!,” shares the source. β€œHe has been meeting with key players in the production company and expressed his desire to expand his role, becoming both showrunner and host.”

The insider continues, “Mike has been open throughout his career that he sees himself as a dick clark Or ryan seacrest The kind of person who is capable of both running and hosting a show.”

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