The Hulk and the Thing Reverse Their Greatest Feuds

In the final issue of The Immortal Hulk, The Thing Z helps the Giant in his time of need – a reversal of the pair’s previous relationship.

Warning! spoiler for immortal hulk #49 down

Miracle big ship And Thing Punches are thrown at each other, as the iconic rivalry between the two heroes has ended on a much more positive note than in the past. In immortal hulk #49, Ben Grimm extends a warm and helping hand to the Hulk as he comes face-to-face with the Avengers and tries to stop the leader.

The Thing and the Hulk have a history together in the pages of Marvel Comics. Famously battling on several occasions, the pair develop a rivalry and friendship while bonding over their transformation into monster-like creatures. Their first fight was about 60 years ago Fantastic Four #12 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers, both heroes have delivered knock-out punches to their superpowered opponents on several occasions, with no clear winner between the pair. Now with a chance to stop the Hulk, Ben Grimm is helping the Hulk on his final mission To stop the leader instead of shaking hands with the Jade Giant.

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In immortal hulk #49 by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Bellardino Brabo, Paul Mounts and Corey Petit, Hulk meets the Avengers and fights the Superteam. However, things calm down after the arrival of the Fantastic Four. Questioning the Avengers’ attack, Ben extends his hand to the Hulk. He asks the Hulk, “Did they hurt you, dude?” Grimm assures the Hulk, telling him that everything will be all right – as the Green Monster also notes that his voice is as warm as that of his grandfather.

In this case, there was no epic rematch between the Hulk and the Thing. Instead, the reverse of what usually happened happened. Ben Grimm sensed the trouble of his longtime rival and offered to reassure him and help in a difficult situation. Later, Fantastic Four takes him to the Forever Gate, through which the Hulk steps and is taken to the bottom space, where his final confrontation with the leader will begin.

in the last issue of immortal hulk, The Thing and the Hulk’s rivalry comes to an end as the Fantastic Four Bruiser chooses to help their fellow protagonists in their time of dire need. By leading him to the Forever Gate and giving him access to the space below, Ben Grimm helps Hulk finish things off with the Leader and finally a chance to start anew. Seeing Ben and the Fantastic Four helped Hulko His final mission is a nice change of pace considering his previous fights. Thing Extended a much needed helping hand and played a vital role in whatever comes next big ship. Immortal Hulk #49 is now in Comic Book Stores.

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