The Hills: Spencer Pratt reveals he’s ‘a different person’ as a father

The Hills: New Beginnings star Spencer Pratt reveals how he’s changed since becoming a father. He is less interested in money and fame now.

star of The Hills: New BeginningsSpencer Pratt, talking about how parenthood has changed him for the better. Spencer graced television screens in 2006 when MTV premiered the original the mountain. Spencer was portrayed as Heidi Montag’s villainous lover, who broke Heidi’s close friendship with Lauren Conrad. Despite many objections from their co-stars, Heidi and Spencer married in 2008. The couple welcomed their first son, Gunner Pratt, in 2017.

Back in Heidi, Heidi and Spencer (also known as) ‘speedy’) were regularly featured on the covers of magazines. The couple has since admitted that they staged a paparazzi photoshoot at the time. Unfortunately, when the show ended in 2010, the buzz surrounding Speedy ended. Since then, Spencer has wanted to reach even greater heights in terms of fame and fortune. In fact, the pair, who love comment on other the mountain scandals. started his “Make Speedy Famous Again” Speed. Spencer is often seen wearing a red hat with that slogan.

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However, Spencer admits that being a father has changed him, and that he will spend time with his son, Gunner. “Kim K-level Rich and Famous” any day. Spencer told us weekly, “Just the simple moments of getting off the ground as a parent are so powerful.” Spencer also spoke about all the things he would never do if it weren’t for his son, like walking “six miles” Swim around the San Diego Zoo and in hotel pools, despite considering them dirty. He says that it is these moments when he realizes that he is indeed a father.

Spencer explains, “Fatherhood has changed me because I’m literally a different person.” The gossip-loving Spencer is sharing often Pictures and videos of herself with her 4-year-old son on social media. The reality star teaches Gunner how to make espresso and introduces him to the magic of crystals, which he sells through his brand, Pratt Daddy Crystals. With regards to his crystal company, Spencer says, “I really believe we are helping the world.”

it appears that The Hills: New Beginnings The star has grown dramatically. He is not the person fan of the original show seen onscreen. Like any parent, Spencer is learning that all the money in the world doesn’t match the precious moments spent with a child. Since Gunner’s birth in 2017, Spencer has proudly flaunted her son and considers her offspring a miracle. Heidi and Spencer are actively trying for baby number two and has said that she is having trouble getting pregnant. Heidi and Spencer take a liking to Gunner, and a second child will be welcomed with much love.

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Source: us weekly.

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