The Hills: Audrina Patridge Reveals Why Producers Kissed Her Sean Stewart

The Hills star Audrina Patridge reflects on her scenes on the reality show. She remembers being pressured into kissing Shawn Stewart for ratings.

Audrina Patridge returns to the world of reality television The Hills: New Beginnings And she recently revealed that the producers made her kiss Sean Stewart. Fans met Audrina for the first time the hills as Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag’s new friend, Young twenty-somethings worked their day jobs and attended the hottest Los Angeles clubs at night. Fans followed her drama as friends fought, made up, and dated men who were wrong for her. At the time, Audrina dated bad-boy Justin “Bobby” Brescia, who didn’t seem to be able to settle down.

The Hills: New Beginnings Debuts in 2019 and fans were reunited with a more mature cast. Audrina had divorced her husband Corey Bohn and was now a single mom to their daughter Kira. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were still together but married and parents to their son, Gunner. Fans also saw Whitney Portman marries her husbandTim Rosenman, with whom she shares her son, Sonny. The Hills: New Beginnings went on for three seasons and was canceled by MTV in January.

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fans of the hills Know that the show is not scripted, but many plotlines are moved by the producers. Audrina addressed the real versus fake debate among fans and recently revealed Behind the Velvet Ropes with David Yonteff podcast, “I went on this date with Shawn Stewart and for the show, he’s so cool and funny and we had a great time. And then on the show they wanted to take it to another level. And I remember you You know, we were all drinking in San Diego and I was pressured to kiss him for all of us for the third season.” Audrina remembered the feeling “inconvenient”, But kissing the scene anyway to please the producers. Looking back, he admitted that it looked like “Compelled” And “to make a fool of.”

While Audrina shared that she and Sean had a double date with Heidi and that Spencer was having a lot of fun, she admitted that they didn’t have romantic chemistry. She compared her relationship with Sean to that of Brody Jenner and Justin, saying, “You can just tell the difference. Filming things against your will or against what you would naturally do. It’s tough because it shows up on camera.” Audrina touched on her relationship with Ryan Cabrera, what she said “Real.” However, she shared that having cameras on them changed the dynamics and she ended things so as not to hurt her.

Audrina reflects on that Experience the hills in his memory, Option: To the Hills and Back Again, While she admitted that most of the drama was inflated by the producers, her issues with her classmates were genuine. The reality star had objections about starring in it The Hills: New Beginnings, but felt that she had a lot to share with the public about the rocky journey she went through in her personal life. Although The Hills: New Beginnings It’s over, Audrina said she was glad she was able to share her experiences with fans.

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Source: Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yonteff/Apple Podcasts

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