The Greats Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult Unpack Season 2 in a “therapy session” with E! – I! Online

there is no doubt that elle fanning And Nicholas Houltcharacters of Great It could have been beneficial to have some face time with a therapist.

and late Tony McNamaraOf the Hulu series only occasionally true, the writer clearly found it more interesting to let Katherine and Peter delve into their problems, just like real-life royals had to do back in the day.

So, the stars of Great sat down with E! News for a “therapy session,” as Elle calls it, and unpack what’s really going on inside their characters’ heads.

Starting with Katherine, Elle reveals the expectant mother isn’t thrilled with her son Paulis about to come. The actress compared her unborn child to a “ticking time bomb”, a threat to her new status as Empress of Russia.

“She’s seeing it as this political drama and it’s not like this will be her future child. She’s not very maternal,” Elle explained. “She’s using that power to be like, ‘Well, I have months before the baby is born to change the country so much because after he’s out, [Peter] Maybe don’t even care about me and try to kill me.'”

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