The great season 2 ending explained (and what we know about season 3)

WARNING: Contains Spoilers Great season 2.

while the finale Great Season 2 seems set to provide a peaceful solution, with the final minutes adding a complicated twist at the end that needs to be explained. sudden turning point Great The Season 2 conclusion isn’t entirely unexpected in retrospect because it follows a similar pattern to the closure Great Season 1. Although much of Season 2 was about Catherine the Great consolidating to power, the final episode makes it clear that there are plenty of conflicts ahead of her, which will certainly be explored further now that Hulu has confirmed. Great season 3.

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Great season 2 Begins four months after the events of the first season and culminates in Catherine’s (Elle Fanning) coup against Peter (Nicholas Hoult) to take the Russian throne as she forces him to sign abdication papers. The season takes place over several months as Catherine works to maintain a firm grip on the throne, while Peter attempts to fall in love with her with the support of Elizabeth (Belinda Bromillo). The plan becomes complicated when Peter falls asleep with Katherine’s mother Joanna (Gillian Anderson) and accidentally murders her.

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in Great In the Season 2 finale, Catherine appears to forgive Peter for his actions, averting a possibly bloody fight between the nobles, and kisses Peter before taking Paul to bed. However, almost no lines are spoken in the final minutes as Valementov (Douglas Hodge) steps in to arrest Russian nobles loyal to Peter—possibly on Catherine’s orders. Great season 2 ends Catherine attempts to stab Peter, instead accidentally violently attacking Peter’s double, Pugachev. After peaceful reconciliation, it raises many questions. here is Great Season 2 ending explained.

What is the meaning of the visions of Peter and Catherine explained

The Great Catherine Eat Heart Vision

in Great Season 2, Episode 10 “The Wedding”, Catherine’s confrontation with Peter is due to her need to reconcile with the Ottomans and the fact that she is capturing Paul. Since they have been apart for a long time, Great The two characters see each other. These visions are a bit cryptic but help explain how and why they make their decisions in the final moments of the season. Additionally, while most of the show is told from Katherine’s point of view, Peter’s vision Great A chance to show another interpretation of the character.

By exploring the fictional phenomenon of Peter eating a whale, Catherine’s vision helps to explain several key parts of her complex final decision through analogy. While she knows that Peter has negative impulses and is part of him, she counsels him to follow through and suggests that his actions must have consequences. The version of Peter she imagines states that she acts on dangerous impulses in a similar way, they are just different types of impulses, suggesting that she is not in a state of complete stone-throwing. . And finally, the vision shows her desire not to kill her, as Peter kisses her and she says it’s not enough, but she also knows that she has the power to decide not to kill him if she chooses. .

Peter’s Vision Performs Equally Important Function, During this his own statements reveal that he will not kill her in return because he loves her. Most importantly, Katherine acknowledges that Peter is probably the only person who really knows her, and when the viewer sees how Peter sees Katherine in his vision it is as a beautiful but bloody and cruel person. Is. He loves her partly because of this ruthlessness, which is why he is finally able to forgive her for his actions against her.

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Why Mariel Was Arrested (And George Wasn’t)

great season 2 marilia

Great Valementov sees key soldiers at the end of season 2 arrest several russian nobles Who conspired to kill Catherine and restore Peter, including Grigor (Gwilym Lee), Arkady (Bio Gabdamosi), and Tatyana (Florence Keith-Roach). Two strange choices appear here: Maria was arrested along with the others, while George, Grigor’s husband, was told that he was not being arrested. Mariel was one of Catherine’s first friends in Russia when she was appointed as Catherine’s maidservant, while George was a longtime supporter of Peter.

The decision as to who to arrest was probably made by Catherine, when she hatched a plan after Archie (Adam Godley) informed her that Peter knew he had learned of his mother’s death. While Marielle has been a longtime friend of Catherine the end of Great session 1 He betrayed them and informed Peter about Catherine’s planned coup. While she has stated that this was part of a plan to save Catherine’s life, Catherine is clearly unsure where Marielle’s loyalty lies so it makes sense for her to be arrested just to be safe. George, on the other hand, requests exile from France and returns with false claims of seeing the light of his desire to help what Catherine is trying to do in Russia. It appears that Catherine has been taken in by this so she is not arrested, which would leave Peter’s followers with an accomplice out of prison. Great season 3.

Why Catherine still tries to kill Peter

The Great Season 2 Peter Nicholas Hoult

After a public argument, emotional speech, and during a gentle reconciliation with Peter during Marielle’s wedding Great end of season 2, Catherine enters his apartment and accidentally attacks Pugachev and attempts to put him to death. The attack could have come from anywhere, with little or no speech on the scene. However, it appears that Catherine deliberately staged a false reconciliation with Peter in order to defuse the situation with the court and put him on his back foot. She then tells Peter that she will meet him at his apartment after Paul falls asleep. It’s all a well thought-out trick that explains Catherine’s ruthlessness and her newfound penchant for fighting. Using staged emotional reconciliation, he is able to kill Peter alone without putting his child at risk or facing the prospect of being killed by his supporters.

Why did Catherine hug Peter after he tried to kill her?

Great Catherine Peter Hug Hug

Later Pugachev appears to have been stabbed to death Thinking it is Peter, Peter himself enters the room and she runs to hug him. Finally, cross Great Season 2, Katherine is in love with Peter. When she attacks Pugachev, she does so with her back to make sure she doesn’t have to see the face of the man she loves as she kills him. The moment this act is done, Catherine begins to lament because she originally didn’t want to kill him, but didn’t see an alternative. When Peter enters and finds out what has happened he is genuinely relieved that he has a second chance so he hugs her. While this will create complications for in russia Great season 3His expressions reveal that Catherine is aware of the complicated awkwardness of the situation, and Peter’s belief that he is unkind and fundamentally in love with her is confirmed.

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Explanation of how Pugachev survived Catherine’s attack

The Great Season 2 Pugachev Nicholas Hoult

Biggest question left by Great Season 2 ends with how Pugachev survives Catherine’s attack. She stabs him in the back violently and repeatedly and he falls to the floor. However, while Catherine and Peter are hugging, Pugachev wakes up and leaves to murmur that he has been hurt. While people can and do survive some surprising wounds in their torso, it doesn’t seem that Great Just saying that he must have survived by luck or coincidence.

There are several possible explanations for Pugachev, Peter’s doppelganger (the role played by both). X Men beast of suffrage, Nicholas Hoult), survived Catherine’s attack. It is likely that Peter thought that Catherine might be planning to kill him even after their reconciliation and that Pugachev’s presence was set up by him. If so, then Pugachev may have been wearing some sort of padding in an attempt to save his life, as he had seen several doubles die. Great Season 2. This would allow him to still get stabbed and bleed but it means the wounds weren’t deep enough to actually kill him.

It is also possible that it is intended as a setup to introduce a version of the Pugachev Rebellion. Great Season 3. Alternatively, this may have been done primarily as a joke to help break down tension at the end of the season, rejecting the idea that Pugachev is Peter’s best double And several times managed to survive where others had died.

What to expect in The Great Season 3

great season 3

with Great Season 3 Confirmed by Hulu, Katherine and Peter’s story may now begin after the Chaotic Mess Season 2 finale. It seems like GreatThe pattern, as in the Season 1 finale, left things in a similar balance. while the description of the story Great With Season 3 not released, it’s reasonable to assume that, with the transition between Seasons 1 and 2, the same tensions will resume in Season 3, but perhaps after a shorter time. Although Peter (and Pugachev) survived Catherine’s attack, much still remains to be unpacked, especially whether Catherine and Peter have any hope of rekindling their love. Likewise, it remains to be seen how Catherine plans to punish the arrested nobles. The focus of these two tensions is likely to be Great season 3 when the series returns. Until then, Great Season 2’s wild ending leaves a lot to ponder.

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Great Season 2 is available on Hulu.

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