The Ghost of Tsushima: 15 Things You Need to Know Before You Start

the ghost of tsushima PlayStation 4’s last big budget exclusive has helped further cement the machine’s confidence as one of the go-to consoles for exclusive gaming experiences. this, together the last of us part 2handjob Demonstrate a brilliant understanding of the PS4’s architecture by the ghost of tsushima Developers, Soccer Punch.

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types of scenes on display the ghost of tsushima Looks like they could have been made for a sham PlayStation 5 title. Apart from its stunning visuals, the game offers a vast open world with plenty to see and do, which can prove challenging for new players. With the recent release of the Director’s Cut for the game, more and more players are exploring the world of Jin Sakai. This is the perfect time for new players to learn some tips and tricks before delving into the adventures of the samurai. Ghost of Tsushima.

Updated by Hannah Saab on October 14, 2021: Ghost of Tsushima remains a popular action-adventure game with an ever-growing fanbase in the gaming community. More players are embarking on Jin’s challenging journey, especially after the release of Director’s Cut. With more users sharing their knowledge about the gameplay, there are some new tips and important hints for players who are just starting out. These tips apply to both the original and the Director’s Cut versions of the iconic game.

choose english dub

A samurai holding a sword in the Ghost of Tsushima Jin.

it is true that the ghost of tsushima It’s heavy Influenced by Akira Kurosawa’s classic samurai films like seven samurai And hidden forts. With this in mind, many movie fans and purists may be tempted to opt for the Japanese audio option at the start of the game for a more authentic experience.

However, as the game was developed by a Western studio, the lip-syncing is tailored to the English audio. As a result, the best option for English speaking players of the game is the English dub.

Choose a Horse Wisely

in a hurry the ghost of tsushimaIntroducing, Jin will get to choose one of three horses. Players must choose a name for their trusty horse before embarking on their mission to free the island from the Mongol horde.

This has little to do with gameplay, but new players should be aware that the horse they choose will stay with them for a long time in the game. Seeing as how it takes about 30 hours to beat the title, it’s best to choose one animal companion in game What players really like.

play the game your way

Ghost of Tsushima Legend Jin in Mask

Soccer Punch Giants Infamous The series can expect good and bad endings depending on the choice of the player. An internal conflict is going on with Jin, who is concerned that he may be required to use “Ghost” methods that do not conform to the Honorable Samurai Code.

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However, there are no rewards or consequences for playing the game in any way that will affect trophies, weapons, and the like, so players are free to play exactly as they wish. The only reward that changes is the outfit the hero receives at the end, depending on an important choice he made during the final mission. Even this is not very important, as it is only an aesthetic difference and does not affect the post-game experience.

Don’t Overuse the Fast Travel Option

as with most big open world gamesfast travel options the ghost of tsushima Designed to save the player a lot of time getting around the huge map. However, doing so will deprive the player of some of the most gorgeous scenes in the game.

More importantly, taking on random enemies and bandits during Jin’s journey, he’ll miss out on many opportunities to gain legends and score tech points. At least for this game, it’s often best to take the scenic route with the player’s trusted horse.

look for every question mark

Overuse of the fast travel option will result in the player missing out on a lot the ghost of tsushima has to offer. One of the most important things to do in the game is to find undiscovered places on the map with question marks on them.

These question marks can reveal new and incredibly useful places like Fox Dens, Shrines, Survivor Camps, Hot Springs, and more. These areas can offer a range of different activities, from writing haiku to unlocking charm slots.

Don’t Forget About Touchpad Features

Jin plays the flute as the sun sets in the ghost of Tsushima.

It’s pretty clear that the developers of Sucker Punch prefer to use the PlayStation 4’s touchpad. he made excellent use of it infamous second son, its standalone extension Badnaam: First Light, and now, Ghost of Tsushima.

The most obvious is swiping on a pad so that the wind guides the gin to its next destination. However, swiping left allows Jin to play his flute, swipe down to bow, and swipe right to sheath his sword. All these little choices can allow for some beautiful photo opportunities.

Learn how to defend and parry

there’s a lot of fighting the ghost of tsushima So it’s a good thing that the combat system is worth learning. Aside from devastating attacks and flurry, which can take down enemies in an instant, parrying and defending are just as important.

Stopping an opponent to counterattack not only looks and feels good, but it’s also satisfying to know when to defend, as it helps to have multiple openings on the battlefield.

take out the archers first

Ghost of Tsushima Archery Challenge

It’s always a good idea to be as defensive as possible to make sure Jin is taking his time and doesn’t panic when surrounded by enemies. Unfortunately, all defensive strategies can go out the window when archers are involved.

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The best way to deal with situations like this is to charge the archers to dodge any incoming arrows and cut them down with some heavy attacks. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much effort to beat an archer in close combat.

follow the yellow birds

Ghost of the Tsushima Golden Bird

. one of the best things about the ghost of tsushima One intrusion is the lack of HUD. Being one would only serve to break the level of immersion that Tsushima Island creates. Instead, Jin has to rely on nature to guide him to unseen places.

Instead of waypoints, players will often encounter yellow birds that appear when Jin is near points of interest or an undiscovered location. These birds will then be followed by highlighting hot springs, haiku spots, bamboo cuts and fox dens.

follow the fox

The ghost of Tsushima Jin is caressing the fox

in foxes, like yellow birds the ghost of tsushima There are important guides that must be followed. When followed, they will guide Jin to Inari shrines, which will give him the ability to increase the number of enchantments he can take and earn minor enchantments.

Charms are accessories that provide Jin with new skills and perks that will prove useful in many combat situations as the game progresses. Plus, adorable foxes are fun to pet. Players can randomly encounter them throughout the game.

focus on stealth

Ghost of Tsushima Jin in White

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with playing an aggressive and respectable samurai in the game, players who don’t try the “ghost” way will certainly miss out on a more interesting approach to combat.

tsushimaK’s stealth-based attacks and skills are exciting to learn and use in the field. Players who learn to quietly shoot down enemies from above or use the bells skill to distract opponents can have as much fun as gamers who prefer a more straightforward fight.

visit two shrines

Shinto Shrine Ghost of Tsushima

It’s tempting to dive into the action once the game’s open world is available, but from this point on it’s important to stop and visit two important temples before continuing on with the main story.

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The first temple can be found by looking southeast from Lake Izuhara. Here, players will find the Golden Summit, which has the charm of Ameratsu. This enchantment helps Jin regenerate health after each kill, which becomes especially useful when taking away multiple enemies. The second temple is near the pond of Kii, where Inari’s charm can be claimed. This will increase loot throughout the game.

unlock all stances

even the fastest way to defeat toughest boss the ghost of tsushima Jin’s stance is to maximize. Players must unlock and learn to use these stances as quickly as possible.

Avoiding stances and relying solely on weapons would mean missing out on effective attacks against specific enemies. Taking advantage of the weaknesses of Jin’s opponents becomes especially important at the end of the game. To earn more points for unlocking stances, players must focus on freeing Mongol-controlled camps and defeating mini-bosses that frequently appear in those areas.

increase the volume

while searching tsushimaOf the wide open world, it’s best to focus entirely on all aspects of the game, including the audio. Instead of listening to music or an audiobook, try listening to a bird song or a fox squeak. The protagonist himself will occasionally speak when there is a point of interest nearby.

Besides that, it’s a completely different experience to explore the game as its developers intended it to be. The game has a relaxing soundtrack that can be enjoyable to listen to as Jin rides his horse across the lush hills and lush forests.

Beware the Standoff Fakers

Standoffs give players some of the most stressful experiences in the game, which is why it’s important to learn about fakers. While the first few standoffs may be easy enough, enemies will soon become harder to avoid and read, especially if they pretend to be moving to visit Jin.

Reading the movements of enemies and anticipating these fake ones will help players to improve their fighting skills. This is a great way to avoid taking too much damage and engaging in regular battles to thwart the stalemate.

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