The forgotten ‘Evil Avengers’ have returned to Marvel’s universe

A short-lived version of the Dark Avengers, originally a student of Taskmaster, returns in the new Venom series, but they aren’t off to a great start.

Warning! spoiler for Venom: Deadly Defender #1 Ahead!

What’s worse than a team of evil avengers, A Team of Fake Rogue Avengers Who’ve Been Trained, of course hire taskmaster To imitate some of the mightiest heroes on earth. This unlikely group of minions was revived by its creator David Michelini for his new poison The series, which takes place in the past of a symbiotic-clad anti-hero.

With more than 60 years of history, Marvel Comics has such a wide array of characters that it’s easy to forget some of them, especially those that don’t make an impact. It is the case of an unlikely team that made its first appearance. the amazing Spider Man #367 by David Michelini, Jerry Bingham, Randy Emberlin and Renee Vitterstatt. Spider-Man investigates Red Skull after learning that his parents were government agents killed on an espionage mission against villains, which takes him to an estate in Virginia. There, he meets the mercenary Solo, who is also at the tail of the Red Skull. Together, they enter the estate, where they encounter Schmidt’s bodyguard, the Taskmaster, who sees this as a great opportunity for his trial. “special Student.” Taskmaster actually has an academy where he trains villains and goons, and heInfluential“Chances against Spider-Man and Solo.

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Death-Shield, Jagged Bow and Blood Spider are trained to mimic the fighting styles of Captain America, Hawkeye and Spider-Man. He also has the equipment to match the heroes, and the Blood Spider also has superpowers of unpublished origin. However, none of this helps them, and they are simply sent off while their beloved instructor runs away. According to Taskmaster, they are considered “a bad version of avengers,“But his performance is so shoddy that clearly, the writers were just having some fun in this comic.

However, David Michelini took the opportunity given Venom: Deadly Protector, a new series set in Eddie Brock’s past, to dust off this unlikely team. The series is written by Michelini with art by Ivan Fiorelli and Brian Valenza. However, the “Bad Avengers” don’t do much better against Venom. After a clumsy attempt to let Eddie Brock go unnoticed, the trio are ambushed by Venom. In the first few pages of Venom: Lethal Protector #1, Jagged Bow is killed by the ruthless symbiote, while Death-Shield and Blood Spider run for their lives. Later in the issue, two survivors are seen licking their wounds in an abandoned warehouse. They’re debating whether taking a job as a pizza deliveryman is really a better option than going on with their costumed career when another unlikely villain shows up: Humbug. Hearing his name, Blood-Shield whispers, “And I thought the names Taskmaster gave us were lame!” That’s pretty much the gist of the tragic story of this unlikely team of costumed villains.

Venom: Deadly Protector Eddie will trace Brock’s early days after forging a relationship with an alien symbiote. After co-creating the Venom character (with Todd MacFarlane), David Michelini was clearly the best choice to write a five-issue miniseries that bears the same title. Venom’s first singles title since 1993, The return of the forgotten trio of “Nastya” avengers” in this poison The series has been a good treat for longtime fans, and now that they’re going to recruit Humbug into their ranks, they’ll finally have a chance to make an impression. Perhaps.

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