The Flash Arrowverse’s Diggle Makes Green Lantern’s Failure Even Worse

The Flash Season 8’s Deathstorm storyline makes the CW’s failure to turn John Diggle into the Green Lantern an even bigger problem for the Arrowverse.

WARNING: FOR SPOILERS flamboyant season 8, episode 12

flamboyant The story of Season 8’s Deathstorm makes The CW’s John Diggle (David Ramsey) worse for the Arrowverse. in arrow In the series finale, the show eventually paid off all of Jon Stewart’s theories by setting up Diggle to become the Green Lantern of the Arrowverse. Although the name is not spoken in any of the Arrowverse shows, it has become clear since the end of Arrow that Diggle has the Green Lantern Ring.

Through special guest appearances in other shows such as sparkle, superman and lois, BatwomanAnd more, the Arrowverse continued Build on Its Green Lantern Setup, Contemporary moments with Diggle and other Arrowverse characters have touched the Ring and their hesitation about embracing its alien powers and legacy. But all the tees they’ve dropped, they haven’t really been able to do anything worthwhile. Arrow ended in January 2020, yet Diggle still isn’t close to following suit as Green Lantern. Many believe the issue with Diggle playing the role is related to DC’s reluctance to allow The CW to use the Jon Stewart iteration of the character.

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what flamboyant is currently doing in season 8, drawing more attention to the incompetence of the Arrowverse Distribute on Your Green Lantern Tees, With Deathstorm, the series has brought to life a powerful rival to DC Comics’ Green Lantern Corps and an adversary worthy of an Arrowverse version of Jon Stewart. In fact, Chester’s comment at the end of flamboyant Season 8, Episode 12, titled “Death Rises”, acknowledged the need for the team.cosmicAllies in the fight against Deathstorm. He’s not mistaken – Deathstorm is a Justice League-level villain and the antagonist would expect a hero like Green Lantern to fight in his outer space adventures.

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Team Flash’s solution to Deathstorm’s dilemma is to power up Killer Frost, even though Deathstorm’s power level and cosmic origins make him a perfect fit. Flash-Green Lantern Crossover Story, If Diggle had become the Green Lantern by this time, it makes sense that Barry would be calling for help instead. After all, a cosmic powerhouse like Green Lantern makes more sense as a rival to Deathstorm than Frost. A super-powered unit with its level of power would easily land on Diggle’s radar.

It’s disappointing that Team Flash is facing a Green Lantern villain without a hero. At the moment, it is unclear whether future cosmic storylines in the Arrowverse will present a different situation. But with making a pilot for The CW Justice U (a show that will star Diggle in the lead), there’s at least a chance the Arrowverse will eventually have time to complete Diggle’s Green Lantern Transformation, If and when that happens, Diggle may eventually fight alongside his longtime Arrowverse allies.

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flamboyant New episodes release Wednesday on The CW.

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