The Expendables 4 Gets a Title That’s Not Actually Expendables 4, Plus a Rough and Tumble First Look With Megan Fox and Jason Statham Getting Steamy

The Expendables The franchise has always been a stable place for action giants to play in a new playground. The Expendables 4 is no exception, as the film’s first look at CinemaCon revealed not only a cast heavy with action giants, but also some guns, a lot of Megan Fox, and the title of the flick. You really have to see it spelled out to believe it, because the flick goes on with the title Expend4bles,

Where? jacks forever failed to carry on with its title announcement, Expend4bles Went ahead and leaned right in, which makes sense given that the other movies in the franchise don’t really bother with long-running subtitles. The brand new first look on the upcoming Lionsgate flick takes a look at both what the franchise had come up with before and what’s to come next.

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