The Director of Salem’s Lot Explains His Approach to Vampire Horror in Upcoming Stephen King Movie

Stephen Kings Salem’s lot First published nearly 50 years ago, it says so much about the work that it remains an all-time favorite for a vast number of the author’s so-called Constant Readers. Like any great vampire tale, this one slowly crawls before you put your teeth down your throat, telling the story of how a small Maine town is completely wiped out by a demonic invasion. It features some of the best scares in any King’s book—which is why writer/director Gary Dauberman has increasingly used it as an invaluable resource as he works on bringing the story to the big screen.

first time footage from Salem’s lot Last night during a Warner Bros. presentation cinemacon — the annual Las Vegas convention for theater owners — but before Sizzle Reel aired, Gary Dauberman took the stage with host Ayesha Tyler to talk about his work on the film. He asked the filmmaker about the building that audiences of Horrible World would find in an upcoming feature, and Dauberman explained how Stephen King’s books were a major inspiration:

I go back to Stephen King novels where everything feels very real and very grounded. I mean, Derry, Castle Rock, the Jerusalem lot, they all feel like real places in Maine. They all feel populated by real people, and I wanted the fears to feel really grounded because they’re just about to get more scary.

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