The Burt’s Bees PopSocket is the great phone accessory you never knew you needed – E! online

Wondering what real buyers think? Check out the following reviews.

“Great product! This thing is big, but I love it. It’s so convenient to apply lip balm from my phone. I never have to worry about having no one with me.”

“Best invention ever! I can’t believe anyone has thought of this. Brilliant! I always have my phone with me and that’s why I should always have Burt’s Bees with me!”

“Love to protect my lips on my phone. It’s a great holder even when using the phone!”

“The product itself is really good for me and I’ve had it for about a year now. I’m extremely rough on my phone and it’s been amazing!”

“Love, love, love. I’ve always been interested in buying a PopSocket, but I really couldn’t justify getting it for myself. My all-time favorite was the one with ChapStick until I saw it!” I’ve had mine for a week and have absolutely no regrets. I love the convenience of a PopSocket and the luxury of having my Burt’s Bees on hand whenever. If you were second guessing buying this product, this is it This is your signal to do. You won’t regret it.”

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