The Bubble: The Main Characters Sorted to Their Hogwarts House

netflix latest comedy, bubble, full of quirky characters trying to deal with being put together in quarantine and increasingly dangerous situations. With each new threat, the characters show their true personalities and what they are prepared to fight.

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Whenever new media comes out, fans naturally wonder how characters fit into a variety of personality tests, including those of longtime favorite Hogwarts House. Is the character loyal, patient and hardworking? Are they courageous, a little carefree, and dedicated to being a hero? Are they smart and resourceful, focused on achieving their goals at all costs? Or do they value intelligence and wisdom above all to the point of perfectionism? of course there are a lot of different and interesting characters bubble So it will not be difficult to decide which houses are best suited for them.

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Anika – Slytherin

A picture of Anika laughing at The Bubble

Anika is intrigued, figuring out what it takes to get what she wants: Dieter. while she applies something subtle cinematic romantic gesturesHer major plan is to stretch out the quarantine for as long as possible, hoping it will give her time to worm her heart.

While she may not fit the meaning of Slytherin in what many fans think, she perfectly fits its values: ambition, perseverance, and shrewdness. She knows what she wants, and will manipulate the situation around her until she gets it.

Lauren Van Chance – Hufflepuff

Lauren from The Bubble (Hufflepuff)

Lauren is a character defined by her loyalty and support. He is upset with Carol for ‘cheating’ the rest of the cast by skipping rock beast 5And her biggest conflict with Dustin is her inability to put her family before her job.

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Lauren is completely devoted to those she loves, like her son, and will fight for them. While she comes across as more of a cynical character than some others, that’s because she’s the most realistic, doing her job and supporting those around her without the blame and callousness of double agents. Is.

Gavin – Slytherin

Gavin (Slytherin) from The Bubble

The Slytherins are driven by ambition, and Gavin fits the bill with it, pushing the production to completion despite all odds. Gavin insists on controlling everyone, which causes one of the best quotes in bubble, definitely shows off his Slytherin side. He wants to be successful and will do anything to make sure that happens.

However, he is also smart enough to know a lost battle when he sees one. when it becomes clear that rock beast 6 is a disaster, he changes sides to be the hero bubble beast document.

Carla – Ravenclaw

Carla from Bubbles (Ravenclaw)

Carla had always been working for the studio, it was revealed a betrayal of the people of the whole country harry potter, Because of this, fans can expect Carla to be cast in Slytherin. But she doesn’t seem driven by ambition. He just has one job and has devoted himself to doing it completely- a Ravenclaw specialty if ever there was one.

Whatever situation Carla comes across, she finds a way to convince Krystal to do what she wants, using her wits to take advantage of the situation. At the end of the day, Carla is defined by her knowledge, not the way she uses it.

Dieter Bravo – Hufflepuff

Dieter from the Bubble (Hufflepuff)

Dieter is a very simple character at first. He wants sex and he wants drugs. However, as the film progresses, the audience realizes that they have more in common. For one, Dieter was not seen as selfish as he tried to find ways to comfort the cast.

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Dieter is also not driven by ambition or bravery. He is loyal to those around him, participating in the escape attempt and happily welcoming Anika to join them and move on. Overall, most of their traits are best suited to a Hufflepuff’s household.

Howie Frangopoulos – Gryffindor

Howie from Bubbles (Gryffindor)

Howie is a bit reckless, but definitely brave enough to go for what he wants. Whether or not this is always a good thing is up for debate, especially as their bravery usually trumps their courage in the face of pandemics, but it certainly exists.

When he returns to the set, Howie is one of the only characters to engage in an actual physical confrontation, shooting Mr. Best in the arm with a bow and arrow. It can be hard to align him with a particular household, but many would say he was best suited to a Gryffindor.

Sean Knox – Slytherin

Sean from the Bubble (Slytherin)

to like harry pottergilderoy lockhartSean used other people’s words and ideas to gain power. But while Lockhart was a Ravenclaw, Sean has more distinctly Slytherin traits. He appears as happy-go-lucky to maintain the trust of others, but this is just a mask that he controls to control how others see him.

It backfires when the entire escape plan rests on his ability to fly a helicopter. However, he is not particularly brave as he is afraid to try to learn nothing about the flight systems of helicopters. Eventually, with the support of others, he is able to move past his fears to get what he wants and to remain the hero in his narrative, an image-centered decision that proves his Slytherin nature.

Dustin Mulray – Ravenclaw

Dustin from Bubbles (Ravenclaw)

Dustin is fiercely devoted rock animal The franchise is deeply concerned with the film’s poor dialogue, and has focused on making it high quality. He is concerned with perfectionism, using his knowledge of the franchise and screenwriting to present editing to improve the film.

While many actors can concede that the sixth installation in a franchise won’t be as good as its predecessors, Dustin isn’t ready to let it fail. Like many Ravenclaws, he values ‚Äč‚Äčintelligence and wit and wants the script to reflect those values, even if he has to ruffle the feathers of the actual writers to do so.

Crystal Chris – Hufflepuff

Crystal from the Bubble (Hufflepuff)

Krystal is a bit awkward at the beginning of the movie as she doesn’t have anyone to connect with. However, when Carla offers to be his friend, he quickly finds a place on the set. Krystal devotes herself to Carla, sharing her secrets about how hard it is to keep up with the pressures of being an Internet celebrity and seeking her advice on how to handle this new environment.

Despite not being a seasoned actor, Krystal is working hard, maintaining her internet presence while working on the film and tries to bond with her co-workers. He is highly concerned about keeping his followers happy, showing the other side of celebrity cross-social interactions and doing everything he can to prove that he is worthy of their loyalty. But there’s nothing worse for Hufflepuff than betraying the people he trusted, so Krystal is quick to attack Carla when she learns the truth about why their friendship began.

Carol Cobb – Gryffindor

Bubble to Carol (Gryffindor)

Carol knows that’s working rock beast 6 She will come up with many kinds of struggles, but she doesn’t let them come in the way of her plans. She confronts the problem of others, Lauren in particular, feeling betrayed on her head, rather than bursting under the surface.

She attempts to escape despite security measures, stopping only when there is a literal threat of being shot for doing so, and yet, she works with others to find a way. Like many Gryffindors, she is determined and brave, constantly proving that she will put herself in danger to find a way out of abusive situations.

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