The Brothers Will Back the Boondock Saints Director Confirms Third Film With Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery

Looks like you can’t keep McManus Brothers Down. While the sequel has been around for over a decade The Boondock Saints was released, which came out a decade after the original cult classic, looks like we’re due for a trilogy. Franchise director Troy Duffy has confirmed that The Boondock Saints III Happening, and both Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery will be back for it.

It’s been a long and rough road for them boondock saint as a franchisee. An effort reboot the series for television Never really materialized five years ago. and there was one very public division between the two lead actors and the franchise for reasons that were never fully clarified, who died earlier plan For the third film. But it seems that everything has been fixed now. As Troy Duffy tells time limit, a new movie coming out that will take the story forward from where it ended Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. According to Duffy…

Fans have been liking these characters for 20 years. They use love words like ‘brothers’ or ‘the boys’. We left him in jail at the end of Boondock 2 and fans want to know what happened to him. Norman and Sean have been a driving force in keeping this franchise on track and breaking some new ground as story goes. Fans are waiting. They literally ask about it daily, and I’m really excited to be working with Impossible Dream to make Boondock III a reality.

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