The Bob’s Burger movie reviews are up, see what critics are saying about the animated feature

Fox Animated Comedy Bob’s Burgers is had a wildly successful run So far, debuted back in 2011 and recently wrapped up its 12th season on the air. The Belcher family is blessing us with more laughs and musical numbers with Lauren Bouchard and Bernard Derryman upcoming animated filmthe proper title bob’s burger movie, With the reviews pouring in for the flick, check out what critics are saying about the animated feature.

Over the years, many beloved animated shows have been adapted for film, such as simpson And South Park, the pressure was definitely for bob’s burger movieSo what did the critics think? CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg gave 4 stars to the film, praising it for feeling true to the beloved animated series without trying to over-complicate the plot. As soon as he put it on,

Bob’s Burgers Movie is a success for many of the same reasons the show has become so popular over the past 11 years. The dynamics between the strange members of the Belcher family strike the exact right balance of sweet, weird, dark, and goofy, and the film blends all those elements together to find a great story to tell. Fans will love it, and although it won’t convert any haters, it represents the best elements of the series so well that it may inspire viewers to solidify their fanhood.

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