The Bob’s Burger Movie Has Already Survived The Simpsons Movie’s Biggest Issue

Where The Simpsons Movie was burdened with heavy publicity for The Simpsons Golden Age fame, The Bobs Burger Movie would not face this issue.

Although bobs burger movie A critical and commercial success not guaranteed, the animated sitcom spinoff has already managed to avoid the biggest problem. The Simpsons Movie on release. Since The show’s 1989 pilot, simpson Has come a long way. simpson It went from a hit animated family sitcom to a true pop culture phenomenon, before becoming one of television’s most influential shows of all time.

However, as is the case with most long-running television institutions, it eventually gained popularity and critical success. simpson diminished over time. Although simpson influenced big hits like family Guy, South Park, american fatherAnd bobs burgerAfter its thirteenth year or so, the show began to decline in both viewership and critical acclaim. it meant that The Simpsons Movie The show reached theaters after the peak – a mistake that is to come bobs burger movie Will not take the risk of repeating it.

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Whereas simpson Season 33 earned some positive reviews, overall critical and audience reception simpson There has been a steady decline since season 12. it means that The Simpsons MovieThe 2007 release date came too late to capitalize on the show’s popularity, something that bobs burger movie No need to worry. While this would have been even more correct if the rescheduling of the release date had not reduced the film’s arrival by less than two years, bobs burger movie Coming after only 12 seasons of bobs burger is broadcast. It’s impressive enough, but it’s nowhere near the legendary 17 season simpson Before making the leap to the big screen.

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However, longevity isn’t the only thing that was working against it. The Simpsons Movie, Before the release of the film, simpson Released several classic episodes And the show’s popularity peaked around Seasons 3–10, before declining after that when its vast cultural influence began to fade. Its aim simpson As a television show by that time not only had passed its critical time The Simpsons Movie arrived, but it is also such a cultural institution that propaganda around The Simpsons Movie was massive.

opposite of this, Bob’s Burgers There was nowhere near to fall. As an animated sitcom, Bob’s Burgers Still consistently liked by reviewers. Although, Bob’s Burgers It has a much smaller, more implicit cultural impact, meaning the promotion of the film is nowhere near as intense. at the height of the cultural relevance of simpson, the show was inspiring countless knock-offs, imitations, tributes and references. opposite of this, Bob’s Burgers Season 12 often only earns 1–2 million viewers per episode, the number being . is close to the Simpsons season 33 episode Compared to the show’s classic outing. hype around Bob’s Burgers As a television show there’s a lot more muted, meaning there’s less pressure for a film spinoff to succeed. Where The Simpsons Movie hope of recapturing a bygone cultural era, all that bobs burger movie To be successful it needed to provide a big screen version of a moderately popular cult hit.

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  • The Bob’s Burger Movie (2022)Release date: May 27, 2022


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