The Bachelorette: Katie Apologizes to Becca and Thomas After IG Shed

Bachelorette Katie Thurston says she apologized after linking Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs with a controversial Taylor Swift song.

Katie Thurston is looking to fix things between herself and fellow former lead The Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, who unfollowed her on Instagram after the shade was thrown at her boyfriend Thomas Jacobs. Immediately after the release of Taylor Swift Red (Taylor’s version) album, Katie launched 12 days of shit series on Instagram, which saw the pairing of the men of their season with Taylor Tracks. Although Becca didn’t like Thomas’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” match, Katie recently revealed that she’s on better terms with the couple now.

Thomas was first introduced on Katie’s season as a villain on Bachelor Nation The Bachelorette, The other men (mainly Aaron Clancy) felt that he was only on the next show. Bachelor Lead and Katie listened to their concerns. She sent Thomas home in one of the coldest eliminations ever on the show. Katie told him, “Your ‘Bachelor’ Audition Ends Tonight, So Get OutHowever, Thomas formed a deeper connection with Becca in recent seasons. bachelor in heaven, So, when Katie shadowed Thomas by engaging in “I Know You Were Trouble” during their 12 days of shit, it’s no surprise Becca didn’t appreciate it, saying “Unfollow“Button.

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thursday night, katie and new boyfriend John Hersey united for their first Instagram Live, during which they answered questions submitted by several fans, including one about the Becca situation. In response to a viewer who asked if Katie was okay with Becca, Katie replied, “I personally am. The day Thomas’ song came out, I reached out to him and I learned a new understanding and apologized to both of them and talked to both of them and heard their side. I learned a lot on Bachelor Nation,

John was overjoyed that Thomas had given him credit for the visit to the zoo. He also praised Becca.”astonishingEchoing John’s sentiment, Katie said, “To be honest, both are great. There are things I could have done differently and I accept that and I’ve talked to the people involved. All I can do is go ahead and hope everyone else does the same” As of this writing, Katie’s 949K followers don’t include Becca or Thomas, but both follow John. As for Katie, she continues to follow Becca but not Thomas.

it was not only part of 12 days of shit Who got the flake. Many felt that Katie’s big reveal about her relationship with John on the final day was inconsistent with Blake Moynes, to whom she had been engaged just a month earlier. During an Instagram Live, Katie admitted that at first, she didn’t intend to do something so big, including the video clip and the heartwarming track “Begin Again.” Her initial intention was to post a simple picture of herself and John. But during those 12 days, their relationship grew increasingly strong and she wanted the world to know about it, regardless of the hatred she knew it received.

While Katie/John and Becca/Thomas’ double date may not be happening anytime soon, it’s good to see the joy both pairs bring. Throughout his Instagram Live, Katie and John’s chemistry was undeniable, They joked about the way they put each other’s glasses away (John puts them down and Katie puts them up) and smiled the whole time. After several recent splits, including The Bachelorette With Tacia Adams and her fiancée Zack Clark, it’s possible that Katie and John’s relationship will restore the public’s trust in the franchise, even though their journey was an unconventional one.

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Source: John Hersey/Instagram

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