The Bachelorette Claire Crowley has her breast implants removed and reveals the real side of recovery – E! Online

the former Bachelorette Star Claire Crowley Ready to live my best life without breast implants.

But first, the reality star is showing the reality of the recovery process—the good, the bad, and the graphic.

40 year old recently underwent explant surgery after weeks announcement of plans Earlier this month she had to have her breast implants removed for health reasons. On Saturday, July 31, two days after her operation, Claire shared a selfie video of herself ace wrapped around a sports bra intended to reduce swelling, including a partially filled Surgical drains were cut.

Silicone tubes and containers are used temporarily after implant removal and other plastic surgery procedures on the chest to drain blood and other fluids from surgical sites, and they can speed up recovery.

“I still feel wonderful,” Claire wrote. “No pain medication. And the best thing ever… no itchy rashes anymore! I had them off for 5 years… my skin feels incredible! [crying emoji] #Right reason for here”

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