The 13 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked on My Hero Academia

A world full of benevolent heroes and nefarious villains My Hero Academia Even more action-packed than the Marvel and DC universes it loosely inspired. Eighty percent of the global population is believed to have some sort of power, with superheroes and supervillains being roughly one-in-a-dozen.

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Of course, characters like All Might and All for One easily stand out from the rest, but there are many emerging Quirk users eager to grab their place in society. Izuku Midoriya, Tomura Shigaraki, and many other UA students and members of the League of Villains are included. My Hero Academiais the most powerful person.

Updated by Tanner Fox on March 25, 2022: With the sixth season of the My Hero Academia anime starting in the fall of 2022, interest in the series is unlikely to subside anytime soon. As with the staying power of other shonen heavy-hitters like One Piece or Naruto, there’s a lot to like about My Hero Academia, and much of its appeal comes from its diverse cast of powerful characters.

With All Might stepping down as a symbol of peace in season three, there is a power void in Japan that still hasn’t been filled, though a handful of characters are uniquely poised to fill it.

13 eraserhead

Eraserhead from the My Hero Academia anime series.

While Eraserhead can be a mighty hero in its own right, that’s not necessarily what makes him so powerful. It seems helpful to have the ability to block off any opponent’s movements, but he can only maintain it for a few moments. Izuku quickly pointed out that Eraserhead’s quirkiness is best suited for taking on villains face-to-face or fighting shadows.

Eraserhead’s commitment to training and getting the better of his eccentricity is what makes him a truly brilliant hero. Perhaps his tenacity and intelligence are his most valuable assets, rather than his useful but limiting quirks.

12 thirteen

Pro Hero Threeteen from the My Hero Academia anime series.

Having the power to create a vortex that can absorb anything and turn it into dust can seem like a pretty amazing ability, and, while it certainly has its uses—such as when some sort of When it comes to saving the lives of people trapped in the rubble. Natural disasters – there are certainly some drawbacks.

It appears that Terah needs a special suit to try and control the power held within the suit. Besides, it seems Threaten’s vortex can become a serious threat to its allies under certain circumstances., Nevertheless, a valuable asset to those who do good, the thirteen has earned its place among Japan’s hero elite.

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1 1 tomura shigiriki

Tomura Shigaraki from the My Hero Academia anime series.

While being able to turn any of your enemies to dust with a simple touch of all five of your fingers may seem like a mighty quirk, it’s also quite flawed. This strangeness can only be used in very close quarters, and it appears that Shigiraki does not have much control over this strangeness – at least in the beginning – that would make it difficult to live a normal life.

Shigaraki’s character is largely isolated during his fight against Re-Destro in Season 5, and His terrifying power makes his role as a villain feel like it was inevitable, Also, the heir to the throne of All for One, Shigaraki is well connected and extremely dangerous.

10 bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo from the My Hero Academia anime series.

While Bakugo has always been one to boast about how powerful and naturally talented he is, once he starts participating in the UA, his world opens up quite a bit. Their strangeness allows them to secrete nitroglycerin with their hands and ignite it on command. Bakugo’s fiery nature betrays his incredible discipline and undeniable prowess as a rising hero.

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Although hot-tempered and jealous, she is eager to keep up with her classmate and lifelong rival, Izuku Midoriya. Part of Bakugo’s power comes from the confidence he’s built up since childhood, and while that may be enough to get him into the Yue, he’ll have to learn to control his anger and stay on top of himself in order to remain as one. The skills have to be improved further. My Hero Academiathe most powerful characters.

9 Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki from the My Hero Academia anime series.

Like Bakugo, Todoroki has had a strange relationship with his power from a young age. While Bakugo began to see his power as a pedestal that would elevate him to star status like his hero, All Might, Todoroki learned to see his powers as a burden that connected him to his father. .

For most of his young life, Todoroki has struggled to reunite with the part of his power that connects to Endeavor. However, in the second season, Izuku helped Todoroki move on from that internal conflict and understand that his powers are his own. Though he is a bit overly concerned, he is undeniably one of the strongest UA students.

8 kurogiri

Kurogiri, Present Mike and Eraserhead in Tartarus Prison in My Hero Academia.

White My Hero Academia The story is full of tragic villains, with some opponents experiencing Kurogiri-like agony. First introduced as a close compatriot of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, it is later revealed that he was once a friend of Eraserhead who had transformed into a Nomu-like beast.

Although his backstory may be disturbing, he is an almost invaluable asset to League of Villains. Able to teleport his allies from their hideouts and break them into otherwise secure areas, he helps facilitate many of the group’s operations.

7 overhaul

Overhaul from the My Hero Academia anime series.

the primary opponents of the first half of My Hero AcademiaIn the fourth season, Kai Chisaki, known as Overhaul, becomes the leader of Shi Hasakai and plans to rid the world of strangeness by creating bullets with Erie’s powers of reversal.

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Although he comes across as relatively adamant when angry or threatened, Overhaul has been able to go to extreme lengths to maintain and protect his operation. Welding a formidable body-morphing ability and seemingly capable of killing with the brush of a hand, Kai Chisaki is easily one of the most intimidating villains of all time. My Hero Academia anime.

6 eri

Aerie from the My Hero Academia anime series.

When under the care of Kai Chisaki, Erie was put through countless abuses as the villain used his incredible powers to further his plot for supremacy. She was nearly saved by Izuku Midoriya and Miryo Togata at the start of Season 4, although her recapture only happened after a hard-fought battle at the Shi Hasaaki hideout.

Later brought in to live and rehabilitate with UA’s Class 1-A students, the Erie has the power to return a person’s body to a previous state. With this, she was able to heal Deku quickly as she pushed One For All far beyond the normal range, but it could also potentially be used to kick a person out of existence.

5 gigantomachia

Villain Gigantomachia from the anime series My Hero Academia.

Although eventually defeated and imprisoned, Gigantomachia was probably the strongest and most loyal acolyte of All for One. A proud beast with many quirks, the villain’s incredible strength and remarkable stamina make him a formidable force against the forces of evil.

Able to defeat Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains in battle, few can stand in Gigantomachia’s way and live to tell the story. In fact, he even managed to kill Pro Hero Majestic, and his only downfall stems from his simple devotion to his master.

4 hawks

Pro Hero Hawks from the My Hero Academia anime series.

The current number-two pro hero in the My Hero Academia anime, Hawks have incredible skill and intelligence with their devil-may-care persona. His quirky, fierce plumage allows him to fly and launch razor-sharp wings at his enemies, although there are limits to this.

Hawks’ placement in the anime is a bit complicated; Previously believed to be a traitor, Hawks is eventually revealed to be a sort of triple-agent, a protagonist serving as an informer to the bad guys… while in fact Serves as an informer to the heroes. While his true allegiance is not entirely clear, his abilities in combat can be compared to none.

3 Attempt

A close-up of Endeavor, a protagonist from the My Hero Academia anime series.

The de facto number-one hero after All Might’s retirement, Endeavor produces Hellflame, a powerful quirk that allows him to launch massive bursts of fire from his body. Endeavor spent years in the shadow of All Might, and such was his displeasure that he selectively raised and raised his children so that they could one day overtake the epitome of peace.

While Endeavor’s pride was his greatest weakness, he begins to mend with his family in the series’ fifth season. Although he has made a lot of mistakes in the past, Endeavor’s incredible power and ability as a hero is unmatchable,

2 all might

Hero All Might from the My Hero Academia anime.

All for One stood almost unopposed when he first came to power, but he inflicted a fatal flaw when he decided to impose a quirk on his humble brother. His brother was then able to pass on this ability, starting the lineage of the One to all users who dutifully opposed All for One.

Although Izuku Midoriya is the current holder of power, he has to live up to the reputation of his mentor, the All Might. A symbol of peace able to restore order in a world of chaos, all fought twice for one for one, which no other hero could manage.

1 one for all

All for One, the primary antagonist of the My Hero Academia anime series.

Undoubtedly the most powerful antagonist in the series, and the strongest character overall My Hero Academia, All For One has the ability to steal others’ quirks and transfer them to themselves or other people. A running storehouse of stolen power, All For One has lived for a millennium and still reigns as one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

Although he operates from the shadows, he is a key part of the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front, and is probably the only villain capable of taking on All Might in a one-on-one confrontation.

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