The 1,000-pound Sisters: Tammy Slayton’s Worst Moments on the Show Ranked

1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slayton has had some unfavorable moments. During the show, she expressed her great anger and disappointment at her family.

from Tammy Slayton 1,000-pound sisters Has gained a reputation for being ungrateful, manipulative and mean. Many viewers think Tammy takes advantage of her family And takes out a lot of his frustration and irritation especially on Amy. Tammy has had some memorable moments on the show, but they didn’t necessarily cast her in a positive light.

The 35-year-old reality star has struggled to lose weight as health issues have been brewing for her. Her food addiction has made it difficult to follow her doctor’s orders and, as a result, has left her feeling hopeless and defeated. Tammy often criticizes her family, as it becomes more difficult to manage daily tasks.

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She relies on her family to take her to doctor’s appointments, pick up groceries, and help her move around in a wheelchair. She has left fans shocked and upset that she is not appreciating her family’s efforts. Tammy’s negative attitude and anger The show has brought out some of his worst moments.

family vacation

Amy Tammy Slayton and Michael Halterman on the 1000-LB Sisters

In Season 3, Tammy and all of her siblings plan a family vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Once they arrived at their cabin, Tammy quickly became angry and frustrated and refused to let in. Her family tried to talk to her and encouraged her to come and enjoy the cabin. Tammy refuses and does not get out of the van. Amy and her husband Michael Halterman ended up taking her to a hotel to stay. Tammy then refused to participate in many family activities like taking family photos. Things took a turn for the worse when the family went out for lunch together and Tammy finally decided to join in.

Her family set her up with an electric wheelchair, which she was not happy using. She shared that she felt like they were only doing it for themselves. Things turned into a heated argument between Tammy and her sister Amanda Halterman, which almost ended in a physical altercation. Amanda chose to walk away from drama To stop things from moving forward. During the holiday, Tammy’s family learned that she was still communicating with her ex-boyfriend, Philip Redmond. Once this was revealed, Tammy became defensive and argumentative and decided she wanted to go home.

Her family decided collectively that they would not let their vacation be cut short and were able to have a family friend pick up Tammy and take her back home. Tammy’s reckless attitude and mood swings almost ruined her family vacation, but she was more concerned about what she wanted to do, not how her actions were affecting her family.

tammy vs tisa

1000-pound sisters in nurse Tisa

When Amy suggests that Tammy get a home health care nurse to come and help her with her daily tasks, Tammy is furious. She realized that Amy was being lazy and didn’t think a nurse was necessary. Despite her objections, they found a nurse she agreed with named Tisa. Immediately, Tisa and Tammy bow their heads Because Tisa expected Tammy to take some responsibility and start doing some work for herself. Tisa encourages her to exercise by going to the mailbox and eating healthy foods. Of course, Tammy didn’t put in much effort and there was always a reason why she couldn’t. Tisa didn’t make excuses and wasn’t afraid to argue with Tammy. In a memorable moment, Tisa encourages Tammy to walk with her walker to the van after leaving the pool, rather than relying on Tisa to push her in a wheelchair. This resulted in an argument wanna try even without tammy, This is another example of Tammy trying not to think about how her actions are affecting other people.

Tammy’s love life

Tammy Slayton smiling with her iPad at 1000-pound sisters

Tammy hasn’t had much luck when it comes to relationships. He has put his health on hold to seek happiness and be in love. Her family shares their concerns and want her to focus on her health first. This has resulted in several arguments and heated moments for Tammy to understand the gravity of the situation. Instead of listening to her family and trying to understand what they are saying and it is to her advantage, she prefers to see it as an attack.

In one particular moment, Tammy got into an argument with her brother, Chris Combs, when she tried to explain that her boyfriend, Philip Redmond, was harmful to her diet. She cried saying that he didn’t want her to be happy and that he could take care of himself. Chris didn’t take his bad attitude And anger at sharing his thoughts on the matter and then deciding to walk away from the conversation. Instead of appreciating her family’s care and support, she takes their advice as criticism.

Unfortunately, Tammy fails to take any responsibility for her actions or for the current situation in which she is. She is disappointed, sad and angry, but she takes it out on the people closest to her. hopefully when 1,000-pound sisters When she returns, Tammy will understand how much her family is trying to help her.

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