The 100: The Main Character, Ranked by Character Arc

When 100 Beginning, there were a group of hundred criminals struggling to survive on the ground, and the council desperately trying to conserve oxygen, but by the end of the first season, there were serious differences in where the main characters landed. . Afterwards, everyone had to learn what it meant to make life-or-death decisions.

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Everyone showed character development over the course of seven seasons as their lives made it impossible. However, some people experienced more than others because of the amount of time they spent on the show or the mass choice involved.

Updated by Kevin Pantoja on April 28, 2022: 100 started out as a show where the characters were trying their best to survive but eventually it evolved into an epic sci-fi series where these men were literally tasked with saving humanity. That’s a lot to ask, especially for those who are still very young. However, because of the events of The 100, each of these characters has gone through so much that they are actually well prepared for the situation. Some became great leaders, others became tough guys, and some went from villain to hero, all fulfilling impressive characters.

10 echo

It’s not that Echo doesn’t show character development. It’s that the Echo’s biggest enhancement happens off-screen. Echo receives a flashback in Season 7 that shows when he changed his loyalty to the Spacecrew. However, no other scene is ever shown. Echo’s bond with none other than Bellamy,

Echo has been an integral part of the group since Season 5 and beyond, but it sometimes feels out of place without knowing what happened during those six years. It gets more confusing when Echo’s six years on Skyring, which viewers get to see, lack the emotional weight of Echo’s relationships built in space.

9 monty

100.  in Monty Green

Monty grows on the ground throughout his time, but he is always persistent. Monty is, in many ways, a steady rock of the group. Although Monty makes it possible to radiate level five, he doesn’t have the many impossible decisions that are weighing him down.

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Monty might fight to help his friends, but he never wanted to go to war. Instead, Monty’s final arc reflects his desire for peace and avoidance of war. Later, he chooses to stay awake with Harper to lead a happy life rather than fight for survival and he still manages to be the man who saves his friends.

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8 AB

AB in the 100 season 7 finale

The arc of AB is more of a spiral towards the antagonistic region. Her choice on the ark may have raised eyebrows and angered some, but it gets worse once she touches the ground. Abby struggles as a leader compared to Clark’s experience with the Grounders, and it only gets worse from there. She really gets derailed in Season 5.

Abby suggests cannibalism, then insists that Octavia make it illegal to eat, while also deciding that Kane must give in first. He also used Raven’s shock collar to electrocute her due to Abby’s addiction to the pill. In Season 6, Abby is so busy trying to save Kane that she doesn’t realize her daughter’s body has been taken away.

7 emory

When Murphy met Emory, she was just like him. Take out and desperate to survive, Emory was looking for herself and had no interest in helping others. But, after teaming up with Murphy, Emory began to care about him, and as the apocalypse approached, the two cling to each other.

While in space, learning about technology and engineering, Emory becomes friends with Raven. In the series finale, Emory tells Raven that if the choice is between her and the entire human race to save the human race. This is a huge difference from the point of view of Emory when it was first introduced.

6 Raven

Raven the 100.  I stands in a field of the sanctuary

in many ways, Raven is the smartest person on the show. Capable of building almost anything, Raven has helped save the day on more than one occasion. One of the most intriguing aspects of her arc is how it escalated into the final season. Raven was always embroiled in everyone’s worst choices, even when he disagreed.

Still, Raven spent a lot of time blaming others and ignoring his role in the events. When Raven had to make a tough choice about the radiation room, she finally understood what it felt like to make the tough call. He has the ability to understand why a terrible action is needed and what it takes to live through it.

5 ken

100 S4E12 .  Marcus Kane in

From being one of the biggest problems on the Ark to being one of the most loved characters, Kane grew tremendously over the course of six seasons. Kane lived his life on the letter of the law for the sake of mankind. While this did not make him popular among the citizens of Ark, it was also a feature that brought issues after touching Earth. The Ark’s laws could not apply to the ground, and as time went on, Kane changed with them.

He wanted peace with the Grounders, and instead of punishing the people with death, he wanted to protect and save them. Ken died because he refused to live within another person’s body and, in his death, brought the Nightblood with him.

4 clark

The 100.  Clarke looking worried

Clarke undergoes several character developments as she is constantly put in a position to make life-or-death choices. Clarke Griffin, Wanheda’s nickname in Season 3, had become a force to be reckoned with. Like Monty, Clarke has always had the same goals.

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Clarke wanted to protect his people from the beginning. This never changes throughout the show and as time goes on, Clark becomes more passionate about protecting the people she loves. Even in the series finale, Clarke is prepared to endure it so that her friends don’t have to.

3 bellamy

bellamy how we find peace in episode 100

also with Bellamy’s infamous final story, he goes through one of the biggest character developments. Bellamy did a lot as he struggled to be the best leader he could be. Bellamy wasn’t the nicest person initially, but by the end of Season 1, the real Bellamy was starting to shine through. In Season 5 and onwards, Bellamy’s greatest desire was to live in peace, a huge difference from her desire to engage in war during the earlier seasons.

He also shows developments in his relationship with Octavia. There was a long struggle in their relationship. In Season 6, Bellamy finally admits that Octavia is his sister, but she is not responsible. With Octavia developing at the time in her redemption arc, the two may have had a chance to begin repairing some of the damage between them.

2 Murphy

Murphy in the 100 Season One

Murphy goes through some of the most significant changes. First appearing as a grumpy criminal in Dropship, Murphy slowly transforms into a trusted friend. While he earns his nickname “cockroach”, his survival skills turn out to be of use for more than just himself. Part of Murphy’s development began after he got closer to Emory.

Then, Murphy became a team player to escape Primfaya, eventually becoming an important part of the spacecrew. Murphy’s changes are most noticeable in the final season, when instead of switching sides, as he did with Josephine, Murphy remains firmly with Emory. Murphy, being extra aware of the safety of the children, helps protect the people of the sanctuary, which is far from the survivor who once saved himself.

1 Octavia

100 season 4 finale Octavia Blake

Octavia Blake may have the longest journey anyone else has ever had. She landed on the ground known as the illegitimate second child. Over time, Octavia evolved into a warrior, becoming close with Lincoln and Indra. She was the essential fighter Skikaru at the conclave. After a fiery fourth season, it looks like she’s at least made peace for the time being about how she wants to proceed. Unfortunately, Octavia’s path did not remain consistent for long.

Time in the bunker brought Blodrina and the Dark Ear, two aspects that took Octavia a long time to move on. 10 years on the Sky Ring allowed Octavia to grow, but even when she returned to Earth, it was still difficult for Octavia to set foot in the bunker. However, after years of fighting, Octavia showed its greatest evolution by saving mankindUnderstanding that the best way to avoid what comes next is not to fight a war.

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