The 10 Best Uhura Quotes from Star Trek: Original Movies

Fans were recently taken aback by the sad news that star trek Actress Nickel Nichols passed away at the age of 89. She became a cultural icon for her portrayal of Nyota Uhura. Star Trek: The Original Series In six films from 1966–1969 and thereafter.

During the height of the civil rights movement in the 1960s, characters such as Uhura represented the bright future that people of color were striving for. Years after the show’s cancellation, Uhura among others Terms of Service The characters were brought back for the continuation of the franchise with cinematic films following more adventures of the beloved bridge crew aboard the iconic starship Enterprise.

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“It’s not reality. It’s fiction. You wanted adventure? How’s it?”

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

uhuru holds a phaser "Mr. Adventure" In the transporter room.

While Uhura doesn’t feature heavy The Search for Spock, He has an incredibly remarkable sight. In order to get Kirk and the others out of the space station to find Spock’s body, she takes a position in a transporter room with a very patronizing young lieutenant looking out for her Starfleet career.

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When the ruthless lieutenant is taken by surprise at Admiral Kirk’s sudden, erratic appearance, Uhura pulls a phaser on “Mr. Adventure” and leads him into the closet. Always with a witty response, Bones mentions that he’s on Uhura’s side, otherwise they’ll stand no chance against the formidable woman.

“Sir, we will not leave you behind!”

Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

Image of Uhura on the bridge at the communication station

what is believed in star trekbest movie, A pretty sentimental one in Uhura—but in the blink of an eye you’ll be missed—this quote. When Kirk communicates with Spock on the Enterprise and is told that it will be two days before Transporter power is regained, Uhura refuses to leave Kirk behind on the apparently barren planet near Regula 1. .

What the onlookers and Khan were monitoring didn’t realize that Kirk and Spock shared an encoded message within it meaning the repair would take two hours instead of days. Whether Uhura was aware of the deception and whether or not he was adding his realism to Khan is a testament to Uhura’s unwavering loyalty to and love for the crew-family of the Enterprise.

“We Art Your Freighter, Ursva … We are condemning the food, things and supplies.”

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Lands

Photo of bridge crew crowded around Uhura at Com Station

Different Zoe Saldana’s portrayal of Uhuras Uhura in Nickel Nichols’ final Star Trek film, in the 2009 reboot, which featured all Terms of Service The cast has been made to know very little about the Klingon language. Played for laughs, Uhura is surrounded by authorities providing Klingon translations as the use of the Universal Translator will be detected and Kirk and McCoy’s Enterprise’s retrieval from a penal colony immediately halted.

While Uhura’s natural gift for linguistics isn’t understated or displayed appropriately here, it does have genuine humor. Thanks to this scene and Nickel Nichols’ dislike of it, other depictions of Uhura show her to be even more proficient in several foreign languages, including Klingon and Vulcan.

“Alameda. But where is Alameda?”

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Image of Uhura and Chekov Asking a Woman for Directions, 1980s

Considered one of the best Star Trek movies, The Voyage Home is a wonderfully funny and insightful film that plunges the Enterprise crew into the 1980s without their advanced technology. After learning about and using the Yellow Pages, Chekov learns that a naval base in Alameda has what they need, but they don’t know where it is.

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On being visited by a policeman who is apparently suspicious of a black woman and a Russian man asking for nuclear ships for street passers-by, a woman replies that the naval base they are following is Alameda. is in. This leaves Uhura stunned and ends the scene with her hilarious quote.

“Our chances of returning from this mission in one piece could just double.”

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Image of Uhura, Chekov and an unknown officer looking at another officer on the bridge

Many find it difficult to decide which is the worst star trek movie but many fans can agree that its first one is really terrifying. While the story has been played before Terms of Service And while the new uniforms are atrocious, it still fills fans’ hearts with joy as it continues the beloved series and advances the franchise.

While Uhura had a lot of dialogue in the film, there was little value outside of his role as a communications officer. Except for the extended cut that showed him the return of Kirk as a symbol loyal to Willard Decker. While the quote shows how loyal and caring she is to her family crew, it also proves that she is just as loyal and practical as any Vulcan.

“Don’t worry guys. Your secret is safe with me. I’ll send a shuttle-craft to pick you up.”

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Image of Uhura receiving communication on the bridge

With Sulu, Chekov and Scotty of the same level of command as Uhura as opposed to Spock and Kirk, who can be considered star trekbest captain, she connects to them more than anyone else. Sharing most of his scenes with her, Uhura’s caring nature seems almost maternal or sisterly.

Afraid that they will “never live it” to lose themselves while hiking in the woods, Sulu and Chekov pretend to be caught in a strange snowstorm. While she would like to tell this story, which she probably did at some point, like a true friend she promises to keep it a secret. The Trekkies not only appreciate and recognize Uhura’s worth, but her family as well.

“Now what does that mean?”

Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

Image of Uhura, McCoy and Sulu in Kobayashi Maru Simulator

Beginning with a bang, star trek The second film in the franchise introduces the Trekkies to Kobayashi Maru, an unbeatable ordeal that tests the characters of Starfleet officers while preparing them for a no-win scenario. Captain Spocks’ apprentices are supervised by the original Enterprise crew, including the Uhura Working Com.

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After his failed attempt, Kirk tells his former crew to “gallop about the universe” quickly retort with this hilariously understated quote for young pioneer Uhura. After the fear that she was destroyed along with the others until it was revealed that it was all a simulation, it’s a perfect retreat for Uhura.

“The communication system is completely ready, sir. The communication officer is as ready as ever.”

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Image of Uhura at Klingon Comus Station in Starfleet uniform

After breaking several Federation laws to retrieve Spock’s miraculously living body and bring it to Vulcan, the Enterprise crew agrees to return to Earth and face justice for their crimes. Unfortunately, after blowing up the “Pretty Silver Lady” in the third film, they return to the Klingon Bird-of-Prey starship.

With Uhura’s circulatory system ready, the iconic character feels “as ready as ever”. Often overconfident, Uhura finds herself very suspicious but in the most hilarious ways. Funny jokes come naturally to her and she knows exactly how to de-stress the bridge of whatever ship they fly from.

“I’ve always wanted to play for a ‘captive’ audience.”

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Image of a silhouette dancing with fans on top of hill with moons in the sky

while scoring surprisingly high as one of the Best star trek movies according to redditmost fans hate Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Directed by William Shatner. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some stand-out scenes (for some of the wrong reasons) but “The Moon’s a Window to Heaven” garners attention for all the right reasons.

Dancing with palm fronds, Uhura sings a catchy song to attract the attention of her enemies. While strange and unpredictable, it serves as a distraction for his crew to escape the guards working for Spock’s spirited half-brother. While not everyone is a fan of this scene or its movie, it is easily one of Uhura’s most memorable moments and what’s more incredible is that Nickel Nichols was 57 at the time.

“We have to go back to spacedock immediately to be decommissioned.”

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Lands

Image of Star Trek family on the bridge looking at the camera

As the communications officer for the Enterprise, more often than not, Uhura finds himself the bearer of bad news, and no one can be saddened to learn that the Enterprise, their home, is about to be removed. This is made even more tragic because it was Uhura’s last line in the final film that also featured the entire cast of TOS and the final line of Nickel Nichols as the beloved character.

While “it’s goodbye” as Chekov says, it’s not forever. as long as star trek Keeps inspiring, it lasts. As does the memory of the incredibly formidable Nyota Uhura and the trailblazing actress Nichelle Nichols who played her. A true icon and a role that everyone can learn from and will be fondly remembered for years to come.

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