The 10 Best Twitter Reactions to the Star Wars: Endor Trailer

Lucasfilm and Disney have more star wars stories to tell, with internal management and Next on the list, and an official trailer revealed that It was delayed for another monthNow premiering on September 21. Although Cassian Endor’s fate was sealed in evil oneThe 12-episode series would serve as his backstory, and the trailer hinted at the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance.

Many fans took to Twitter to share their reactions, especially their excitement to see Diego Luna back on his own show as Cassian, but that’s not all. From high production values ​​to new learning aids, star wars Fans had a lot to react to.

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There’s a lot going on at Wookiepedia

both in and out of mainline continuity, star wars dense with story and world building. And in the height of the digital age, all that information has to go somewhere diehard fans can easily comb through.

Wookiepedia is probably one of the most popular fandom online wikis, listing incomprehensible amounts. star wars‘ Rich knowledge. As one can imagine, the editors out there work hard, especially whenever new projects are released – regardless of the medium – and the official Twitter account already mocks the work that was once ahead. Is internal management and Premiere.

Trailer Comes With A Little Unfortunate News

As one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time (via) box office mojo), new one star wars Production is always a phenomenon in itself. They are often met with anticipation, and new internal management and The trailer is no different. But as tantric as the show’s new look and its main characters were, the news had some give and take.

Originally set to premiere on August 31, it was confirmed that internal management and September 21 is a bit back. It’s set with a 3-episode premiere at least now, but user @AngryEwok1138 can’t help but make amusing use of the timeless Giancarlo Esposito meme to emphasize his mixed feelings.

a welcome tonal change of pace

Lucasfilm’s cash-cow IP holds the potential for a lot of creative freedom when it comes to exploring the genre. Fans have already seen some of these with the beloved flagship series MandalorianBecause it mixed science fiction with a classical western atmosphere. star wars fans are likewise optimistic internal management and In this department, users like @Akipaparaki have praised the general feel of the recent trailer.

while unlike any other star wars Production can be a stretch given its parallels evil oneIt’s certainly an exciting showcase for the more grounded, gritty, spy-thriller element that the franchise hasn’t used much. internal management and is in good company there, at least, as evil one surely one of these most viewable star wars Movies,

Mixture of classics and modern

Both internal management and And evil one take place just before the start of a new HopeAnd it looks like the upcoming series is going to be something more creative that fans will see on screen. Forrest Whitaker’s live-action portrayal of Saw Gerrera makes a comeback, a character originally created for Dave Filoni acclaimed animated series Star Wars: clone war,

At the same time, the trailer featured portions of the planet Coruscant – featured in the first prequel trilogy – as well as the Imperial-led Clone Troopers as opposed to the Storm Troopers from the original trilogy. As stated by user @kyrothren9, it looks like internal management and will be a loving mixture of pieces of star wars Classics and more modern stories.

high production quality

Overall, the quality of production has been a common criticism of many Disney+ shows, miracle And star wars alike. The TV series seems to be plagued with uninspired sets, cinematography, and special effects, which have been preferred lately. Obi-Wan Kenobic To catch some heat for that too.

However, the latest trailer for internal management and Shown a welcome return to form for a project under such a huge franchise star wars, User @Victor_ryy expressed optimism over the jump in quality, noting that it seems like a big step forward. Boba Fett. book of And obi wan,

some strangely familiar weapons

Among many other things, star wars The universe is known for its colorful weapons, Expected to consider it a hybrid sci-fi/fantasy franchise, but it had a shot of a strangely familiar looking weapon internal management and Trailer.

Initially, a rebel soldier looks like a real-world AK-47, or at least something that can be seen with an almost spitting image. User @khanada_88 commented humorously and pointed out that the handiwork of Mikhail Kalashnikov – the Russian inventor of the AK-47 – knows no galactic frontier.

Excited to see more of Diego Luna’s character

evil one The characters had a diverse cast that each of their backgrounds could accept to showcase more, but the titular character of Diego Luna was a standout.

He had great dynamics with Felicity Jones’ Jin Erso, and he was a compelling character in his own right, even though much of his backstory is left to the imagination. So far, though, fans like user @PowerHouseG33 feel impressed by Luna’s performance and character and are convinced that going into internal management and,

bringing back a dose of political intrigue

respecting the elements of the prequel trilogy, the internal management and From the trailer it looks like it will bring back an exciting amount of political intrigue. This is especially fitting given the upcoming show’s spy-thriller style and Uprising-era setting.

And while prequels stumble more often, revenge of the Sith One in particular managed a more happy landing, part of its power boiling over tensions that led to the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire. Alongside the return of Courcant, fans like user @brittbarnim are thrilled with the political drama’s potential return internal management and,

Throwback to Legends Comics

Revisiting the Clone Troopers and the Age of Rebellion is a fun mix of old with (relatively) new, but it could also be a throwback for now-fables continuation of star wars Comics user @MaximusNova80 was pleased with this new addition, noting how it happily reminds him of Dark Horse comics. Star Wars: Dark Times Chain.

dark times Happened After Dark Horse purify The series, before describing the height of the Empire’s rule over the galaxy a new Hope, while most of the former expanding universe The works were canon-stricken, with Disney-era Lucasfilm slowly bringing pieces of its lore back into the mainline continuity.

reigning interest in character

Although evil one Fairly well received and Luna’s performance and character served as one of its highlights, Cassian Andor’s vaguely vague backstory in the film left some fans stunned. Luna’s performance was compelling and passionate, but the size of the supporting cast spread the runtime a little thin between them.

For those who initially felt overwhelmed, internal management and Intrigue seems to lie in the character’s origins. User @TraffyX0 was impressed with how they came away from the trailer, genuinely excited and interested in what story this series would tell.

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