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Thor: Love and Thunder recently premiered, and fans were disappointed to learn it’s the first Thor movie starring Tom Hiddleston’s favorite character, bottle gourd, does not appear. Even though Loki started out as a villain in the MCU, he eventually managed to win over the fandom.

However, even though Loki is Hiddleston’s most famous character, fans of the actor will be surprised to learn that he has a variety of interesting roles to play. He has gone from playing a villain to a vampire to being a detective agent. On top of that, he has not only appeared in movies and TV shows, but he has also acted in various plays and documentaries as a voice actor. Her various acting endeavors have inspired fans to vote position holder For his favorite Hiddleston characters.

Comment: Ranker lists are fan-polled, live, and continue to earn votes, so some rankings may change after this publication.

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10 Charles Darwin – Darwin’s Secret Notebook (2009)

National Geographic's Darwin's Secret Notebook cover with an image of the Galapagos beach

Darwin’s Secret Notebook There is a National Geographic documentary centered on Charles Darwin, the famous scientist responsible for evolutionary theory. The documentary follows Darwin during his journey to the Galapagos Islands and tries to explain how Darwin arrived at evolutionary theory, a scientific breakthrough.

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Not only is this documentary an educational and exciting story about one of history’s most important discoveries, but it is a treat to describe the voice of Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston’s dulcet tones help bring the famous scientist to life and offer a departure from his usual work, which makes it stand out in his filmography.

9 Magnus Martinson – Wallander (2008 – 2010)

Tom Hiddleston in Wallander

wallander There is a British adaptation of the books by Henning Mankel featuring Kurt Wallander. Starring Kenneth Branagh in the title role, the series follows a police officer who is constantly reflecting on his purpose in life. Tom Hiddleston starred alongside her as Magnus Martinson.

Hiddleston soon garnered the love of Wallender’s devoted fans thanks to his portrayal of the skeptical, analytical Martinson. The character’s views generally differ from Wallender’s point of view, but the chemistry between Hiddleston and Branagh creates strong and memorable interactions between the two. Hiddleston revealed Hollywood Reporter that they are being invited to audition because of this strong working relationship Thorwhich was directed by Branagh, which is probably another reason fans are so fond of wallander Character.

8 Freddie Page – The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

Set in 1950, the plot of the deep blue sea Hester Collier, played by Rachel Weisz, is triggered when she tries to take her own life. The woman then experiences flashbacks of her relationship with her husband, a wealthy High Court judge, and her lover, a former pilot troubled by his experience in World War II and his dilemma between a comfortable life or a life full of passion and excitement. does. ,

Although the film was mostly praised for Weiss’s performance, Hiddleston’s portrayal of the troubled and impulsive character Freddie Page is also exemplary. He manages to convey the character’s wide range of emotions, with whom Hester has a passionate yet conflicting relationship. Though the characters have a complicated love story, fans root for them in the end.

7 F Scott Fitzgerald – Midnight in Paris (2011)

Featuring Woody Allen’s distinctive sense of humor and ironic humour, midnight in Paris Center on Gil Pender, played by Owen Wilson, a writer who constantly travels to 1920s Paris, meeting famous artists such as Salvador DalĂ­, Gertrude Stein, and Pablo Picasso. midnight in Paris is one of them Movies That Make Audiences Love the City,

Hiddleston plays the famed American author Scott Fitzgerald, known for his novels about overflow and overindulgence, most notably the great Gatsby, Both Hiddleston and Allison Pill’s eccentric and hilarious performances make for some of the funniest scenes in the film. Not often fans get to see Hiddleston playing a real-life role, and it’s not surprising that audiences immediately fell in love with his charismatic portrayal of the author.

6 James Nichols – War Horse (2011)

Tom Hiddleston riding a horse in War Horse.

Directed by acclaimed director Steven Spielberg, war Horse Tells the story of a horse named Joy and its many events during World War I. When Captain James Nichols buys Joy to take him to battle, he promises the young farmer Albert that he will take care of him. However, Nicholas dies before the war ends, and the horse travels to Europe with several different owners before returning to Albert.

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Even though Hiddleston doesn’t get much screentime in this film, his role is one of the most important. Nichols is one of many characters who take care of Joy, and she is the first in a line of people who die throughout the film. Nichols’ honesty and respect for Joey and Albert’s bond deeply impressed audiences, making him one of the best characters in the film and Hiddleston’s career.

5 Coriolanus – Coriolanus (2014)

Tom Hiddleston performing Coriolanus on stage

One of Shakespeare’s Best Adaptationsthis version of coriolanus The National Theater follows the illustrious Roman leader played by Tom Hiddleston and the political intricacies he must navigate. While Hiddleston is mostly famous for his work on television, he has starred in several successful plays and won numerous awards and nominations for his theater work.

His stellar performance earned Hiddleston a Laurence Olivier Award nomination. Seeing his stellar theater work on the big screen is likely why Hiddleston fans voted for it on Ranker. Like most of Shakespeare’s tragedies, special attention has been paid to the development of Coriolanus as a character, and Hiddleston provides an interesting insight into the character by controlling the stage in a brutal manner that completely captivated the audience.

4 Thomas Sharp – Crimson Peak (2015)

crimson peak is one of Little is known about Hiddleston’s legendary rolesPerhaps this is the reason why it holds a special place in the hearts of his fans. This masterpiece of the Gothic genre, directed by Guillermo del Toro, combines a ghost story with romance and strange family situations and creates an unsettling and painful atmosphere. Even though the film was not a financial success, it received generally good reviews and several Saturn Awards and nominations.

Hiddleston rises to the challenge of portraying the complicated, troubled character Thomas Sharpe, who is involved in an incestuous relationship with his sister at the same time he romances the wealthy Edith Cushing. Hiddleston excels at portraying this type of gothic character, and even though he’s kind of a villain, it’s clear why audiences love him.

3 Adam – Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Directed by the prolific independent cinema director Jim Jarmusch, only lovers Left Alive The Vampire is a contemporary and unique take on the story. The film follows Adam and Eve, played by Tilda Swinton, two vampires involved in a romantic relationship who deal with the weight of their own murderous nature and their artistic sensibility in a world that changes too rapidly. .

One of Hiddleston’s best movies, this nostalgic, witty, contemplative film is one of the best portrayals of vampires on television, and Swinton and Hiddleston’s performances add an extra layer of complexity to the story, which clearly touches the audience. The film was also nominated for the Palme d’Or, one of the film industry’s most important awards.

2 Jonathan Pines – The Night Manager (2016)

night manager

night manager About Detective is a critically acclaimed miniseries based on the novel by John Le CarrĂ©. When Jonathan Pines, approached by Agent Angela Burr, infiltrates the inner circle of Richard Roper, a dangerous arms dealer played by Hugh Laurie, he doesn’t hesitate to accept the job.

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Hiddleston’s performance on the show is nothing short of amazing, and it also earned him a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award. His ability to fully embody Pines makes him one of the best characters he has ever produced, and its ranking was probably helped by the fact that it was the actor’s rise to fame in the MCU after stratospheric fame. The first was a major television role.

1 Loki – MCU

Loki Season 1 Tom Hiddleston Disney Plus

Hiddleston gained international popularity after debuting in 2011 Thor as Loki. God of Mischief is this film’s antagonist, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his time on the MCU. Over the past decade, Hiddleston has played Loki in six MCU projects, including his own Disney+ series.

Loki went from a villain to an ally, but has always remained morally ambiguous, a characteristic of the character Hiddleston specializes in playing. Hiddleston’s charismatic portrayal of this classic Thor The villain has made him the heart of the fandom and is undoubtedly the defining role of his career. It would be a surprise to see another Hiddleston character at the top of Ranker’s fan-voting list.

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