Thanos’ Deadliest Ancestor Mimics Superman’s Darkest Kill

Thanos’ deadliest ancestor unleashes his might on the X-Men and mimicked one of Superman’s darkest Joker kills—but with Magneto.

Warning! Spoilers for X-Men: Raid #5 by Marvel Comics

In one of his most brutal murders against the X-Men, Thanos’ Grandfather just killed Magneto in a move like of superman The darkest murder against the Joker. In X-Men: Raid #5 By Marvel Comics, Uranos the Undying wipes out the mutants on Arko and the mutants leave little life on the planet. When the villain kills Magneto by punching him in the chest, it commemorates the time when Superman lost control and killed the Joker during DC injustice.

In injustice Alternate reality by DC Comics, Superman takes a shocking turn toward becoming a villain when the Joker convinces him through fear venom that he was fighting Doomsday when in fact he was taking on Lois Lane, who was his was pregnant with a son. The clown prince of crime kills his family, which causes a bomb to explode and the metropolis is destroyed, Superman breaks down and returns to Earth to kill the Joker, Famously, in a fit of rage, he sticks his hand to the Joker’s chest, immediately killing the villain. Now, the iconic murder is getting a similar moment against the X-Men’s Magneto with Thanos’ deadly ancestor.

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In X-Men: Raid #5 by Al Ewing, Stefano Casselli, Federico Bleu and Marvel Comics VC Ariana Maher, Thanos’ deadly ancestor Uranos is freed by Prime-EternalDruig, to see how much death and chaos he can create in an hour against the X-Men. Unfortunately, the answer turns out to be pretty much the same, as the genocidal villain uses a small percentage of his forces to nearly wipe out Arakko. Uranos’ dominance is booked by his encounter with Magneto, as he reaches his opponent’s chest and “kills” him, just as Superman killed the Joker. injustice.

The strike is almost identical to DC’s Superman killing the Joker. However, in contrast to the shocking nature of Man of Steel losing control, Thanos’s grandfather-uncle Uranos’ shock is surprising as he creates Magneto Look incredibly vulnerable. The mighty mutant is quite helpless against the supervillain.

Superman killing the Joker while Batman is shocked at the Injustice Gods Among Us

While Superman kills the Joker, Uranos kills Magneto with a surprising twist: something has managed to keep him alive (despite possibly imposing Arako himself). However, that doesn’t make the moment between the X-Men mutants and Thanos’ insane ancestor any less brutal. by copying of superman hitting and hitting your hand through the chest of magnet, Thanos’ Grandparents managed to claim their authority And show that he’s a worse threat than any of the mutants ever before. X-Men: Raid #5 of Marvel Comics is now available in comic book stores and online retailers.

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