Terry Crews Offers Honest Appearance in Chris Rock and Will Smith’s Slap Drama

The 2022 Academy Awards took place a month ago, but the ceremony has continued to inspire headlines and discourse. This is, of course, due to Will Smith infamously slaps Chris Rock On camera, and the result was what happened. Now SAG Award nominated actor Terry Crews offers his honest take on the slapstick drama.

In the month since Thappad shocked the world and broke the internet, many Notable Celebrities Have Offered Their Two Cents on the situation. Terry Crews has waited this long, but offered his perspective on the viral drama, which both Chris Rock and Will Smith know. brooklyn nine-nine actors share it’s feelings heartSaying:

Will Smith and Chris Rock are both my dear, dearest friends. I love them both like brothers, but there came a time in my life [where] I was Will Smith at the time and let me tell you, I’ve done worse than Will – way overkill, just… the punishment was not appropriate to the crime. People were like, ‘What in the world are you doing?’ My wife also had to be like, ‘You have to promise me you’ll never go away like this. You didn’t have to pick up this guy and put him on the head, on the concrete.

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