Teen mom: Amber Portwood loses custody of ex Andrew’s son

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has lost custody of ex-Andrew Glennon’s son James. The decision came two years after Amber was charged with a household battery.

teen Mom Star Amber Portwood and former Andrew Glennon’s extensive custody battle has Andrew over the years to gain custody of their son James. Amber has been open regarding her mental health and the steps she has taken to help herself, and people with bipolar after being diagnosed. Her life has not been easy and her relationship with Andrew was no exception.

Their turbulent relationship ended in a terrible way when Andrew accuses Amber of domestic violence Holding her son on July 4. The leaked footage of the incident includes audio and Ring camera footage. Andrew claimed that Amber swallowed a whole bottle of her medicine, coming to her while he was holding her son. The world was horrified by his actions, and even though Amber denied the machete, Ring camera footage said otherwise. Amber was charged with domestic battery, criminal negligence with a deadly weapon, and domestic battery in the presence of a child under the age of 16. Amber was sentenced to 906 days of probation and 26-weeks of parenting class.

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the former teen Mom coupleThe custody battle began in July 2019. in July 2022 Sun It is reported that Andrew was given sole custody and primary physical custody of their son James. If that wasn’t enough for Amber, Andrew was also given the right to move James from Amber’s home in Indiana to his home estate in California. stated in amber teen mom OG That was the last thing she wanted, but unfortunately, the courts would allow it. While Andrew won full custody, it’s not all bad news for Amber, she was allowed an overnight visit she hasn’t had since 2019. It will be a gradual introduction, alternating between Indiana and California. Andrew must also find teen Mom star amber’s Opinions before making decisions concerning James’s medical treatment, education, and religion.

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Recently, Amber took to Instagram to express her hurt over the ruling. In an emotional Instagram Live, Sky explained that she has worked incredibly hard to improve herself and her relationship with her children. She revealed how open she has been about her past struggles and how she deserves a chance to redeem herself. She is going ahead and expressed that she has submitted 21 negative drug tests and participated in several psychological evaluations, which she feels should be held in high esteem by the court. Amber will continue to fight, and is currently considering options as to how to appeal the decision.

While Amber has been around for so many years, she’s still bettering herself. The decision was a blow to the star, but some teen Mom fans believe He should be commended for his hard work. While the future is unclear for Amber, she hopes to one day gain custody of her son and move on with her life.

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Source: amber portwood/Instagram, Sun

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