Taylor Hawkins fulfills 9-year-old drummer girl’s dream just days before her death – E! Online

Hello, she was here waiting for you.

one day before Foo Fighters musician Taylor Hawkins Died, he fulfilled a dream for a little girl who considered him as her hero. On 22 March, the band was to perform at the Asuncionico Festival in Paraguay. They arrived in Asuncion and checked in at a hotel but the concert was canceled due to bad weather. However, that wasn’t going to stop the 9-year-old local singer and drummer. Emma Sophia by completing it Mission To meet the Foo Fighters.

The junior musician, whose parents had bought tickets for the festival, set up his drum kit and played with his heart On the sidewalk outside the hotel, in front of a growing crowd of fellow fans. Sure enough, Hawkins took notice and moved out, where he met Emma Sophia.

her dad, Julio Peralta, who helps run her social media account, shares photos and videos of emotional encounters. “Since my daughter found out the Foo Fighters were coming, she started a campaign to meet them,” he wrote Twitter“Today we took her over to the Sheraton to play her drums and see who came to her call. Dreams do come true.”

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