Sylvester Stallone Writes Thank You Message for Fans After Breaking Records for the Director’s Cut of Rocky IV

Sylvester Stallone is having a great time preparing for his release Rocky IV director’s Cut. Of all the times, fans of the iconic boxing franchise can’t wait to lay their eyes on one of the most iconic movies of the ’80s. Before the release of the film, Stallone shares emotional video Shows his career, which puts his journey and this most recent achievement into perspective. After breaking an impressive record of alternate cuts, the actor has now penned a thank you message for the fans.

The new cut has sparked a ticket sale for Fathom Events, and the veteran star is more grateful and excited than ever for fans to finally see the renewed film. Recently, his sentiment was fully reflected in the note he wrote on his social media account. Here is part of the message instagram:

Thank you loyal fans!!! You are cooling the competition!!! Tickets are on sale 120% ahead of the competition! Battle of the Century will end on November 11th! Hope you can see it on screen with the credible new 4K mix and bone-shaking new sound elements, you’ll feel like you’re really in the ring

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