Sylvester Stallone opens up about why sixth Rockies film is the ‘toughest challenge’ he’s ever faced

things of one more truth of rock result Have been hanging around for a while, as teased by Sylvester Stallone and trolled fans with ideas, while the 2015 cult helped rule the franchise, one could argue that 2006’s Rocky Balboa Really helped start this new era for property. After the disappointments of the 1990s, the sixth installment served as a return to form for both the titular character and the series as a whole. Rocky V, holds a special place in his heart for Stallone balboa And, more than a decade after its release, the actor is opening up about why the film represents “the toughest challenge” he’s ever faced.

Creed II the actor was incredibly indifferent when he took instagram A behind-the-scenes look at a training session to share Rocky Balboa, He went for the film completely and not just from a physical point of view. In his post, he discusses what it would take to get a sequel in the first place:

I like the sixth installment. This was the toughest challenge I have ever faced. It took more than 12 years to build it… nobody wanted to build it. Absolutely none. It was considered a joke. But in my heart I liked the idea and thought that if I am going out, I want to go out to make this film. Even though no one involved in the other previous productions wanted anything to do with it, and it finally made it against all odds!!!

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