Sweet Disneyland TikTok goes viral after woman finds footage of her now-boyfriends waving at the park before getting to know each other

So many Disney movies end with a “Happy Ever After” moment. To some of us the idea of ​​a fictional love affair may seem impossible – real life is usually a bit more complicated. But it seems at least one young woman has managed to show that it is possible. Not only that, but she went viral on TikTok when she shared footage of her now-boyfriend waving at her at Disneyland after they started dating.

Disney cast members can deal with it some funny guest conversations when they’re on the clock, but their jobs come with great benefits, Very. One who is not officially in the benefits package but has suffered at least one employee is looking for his partner in the park. But back in 2019, that’s what happened to a young man – and his now-girlfriend, captured the moment they closed eyes for the first time and shared it with all the hopeless romantics out there.

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