Survivor: Which former players should be seen on Celebrity Big Brother

With rumors swirling about the Celebrity Big Brother cast, here are some Survivor castaways that should make the jump from island to home.

Together Survivor Currently airing and . third season of celebrity big brother just around the corner, CBS may be fostering some brand synergy by putting some Survivor player in elder brother House. It was recently announced that celebrity big brother will be coming back After a gap of about three years between the seasons. most recent weather, Celebrity Big Brother 2, Tamar Braxton, Tom Green and Kato Kaelin and was well received by many. elder brother fan base

news after such a long gap celebrity big brotherThe return of the film has created a ruckus on social media. The rumor mill is already in full swing and fans are speculating which celebrities might be in the mix. The names that are in talks to join the cast are Survivor Legend “Boston” Rob Mariano, who has played Survivor Record five times, win once. Rob is known for his Godfather-style gameplay and for his relationship with his wife Amber, another Survivor winners he met during the competition Survivor: All Stars, Boston Robb is a veteran of the CBS reality competition show, as he and Amber also competed in season two. amazing race Between trips to the island.

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Boston Rob might be suitable for celebrity big brother because of his reality TV success, but there are other ex Survivor player elder brother The casting team should consider inviting for the season. one major mill will be another Survivor Alumni who, like Boston Robb, have also competed at amazing raceHollywood writer, director, producer and actor Mike White. mike. appeared in two seasons of amazing race with his father and came to another Feather Survivor: David vs. Goliath, He is better known for his success in film and television as the writer/director of the hit HBO show white Lotus, as well as for his contributions to films like Orange County And school of Rock, Like the Boston Robb, an Appearance by Mike White celebrity big brother Will complete the trifecta of participating in three of CBS’s major reality competition shows.

Mike White is probably focused on white Lotus Season 2, so a reality TV outing is suspicious of him. However, there are many other races that can be worthwhile celebrity houseguests. like a player Michelle Fitzgerald, winner of Survivor: Kaôh Rng and recently a competitor the challenge, would be great elder brother The houseguest thanks to his social skills and adaptability. Similarly, People magazine host and thrice Survivor Star Andrea Bohlke will do well in the game due to her work experience and Survivor start again. something else possible cbb fits with Survivor The pool includes WWE Star John Hennigan, Pickleball Influencer/Podcast Host Tyson Apostol and HGTV Host Wendell Holland.

celebrity big brother definitely a must have Survivor players in their upcoming season. elder brother has been cast in the standouts Survivor, amazing race The contestants competed on both Survivor And elder brother, and vice versa. But, he elder brother Home is yet to be seen Survivor Try your hand at the alum game, so it’s time to complete the ultimate unexplored path. It will be interesting to see a Survivor player transition from island in the house, and there are so many players to choose from. Regardless, it would be fun to tune in with someone else. celebrity big brother season after such a long break between seasons, even if no one involved Survivor players.

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Survivor Airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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