Surprise Call Brittany Murphy’s Husband Made After Her Death – E! Online

amber ryland Will never forget those first few days Brittany Murphydeath of

Former Radar Online reporter looks back on that time in new HBO Max documentary What happened, Brittany Murphy?.

It was December 2009, and the world knew about Murphy Sudden death few days back. Ryland was covering the news.

“The number of reporters and paparazzi dropped and we stopped,” she recalled in a glimpse of the film. “We were told to stay, spent the night in my car. It was almost 24/7.”

Then, on Christmas Day, Ryland received a call from her boss, who said he instructed her to buy a bouquet of flowers and bring them to Murphy’s house. When she rang the doorbell, Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, answered.

“I said, ‘Merry Christmas. I’m so sorry about Britney,'” she remembered. “I said, ‘I have my card if you want to talk but no pressure.'”

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