Superbad 2: Jonah Hill Says There’s Only One Way to Make a Sequel

very bad Fans have been battling for a sequel since the film’s fall in 2007. The murmur of a sequel has been floating around for years. Some of the people involved in the film like Seth Rogen Have been apprehensive about watching the story again, Despite some apprehensions, very bad Star Jonah Hill has an idea for a possible sequel. don’t look up Star told the only way he would Superbad 2,

very bad Hill became a Hollywood success as the film took over the box office and pop culture. mid 90s The director has gone beyond Sex Ke Deewane Seth, as is evident from his recent work. That doesn’t mean he isn’t ready to return for more kidnappings in the future with Michael Cera and Chris Mintz-Plasse. Jonah Hill reveals woo His idea for a possible follow-up.

I haven’t told this to anyone. What I want to do is do a Superbad 2 when we’re 80. Like, “old-house people superbad.” Our spouses die, and we are single again. That’s what I want the Superbad 2 to be, and that’s the only way I can ever make it.

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