Studio Thought Seed Of Chucky Was Too Gay Says Jennifer Tilly

Actress Jennifer Tilly, who portrayed Tiffany Valentine, revealed that the film studio thought 2004’s Seed of Chucky “too gay” and “too funny.”

Jennifer Tilly, the actress behind the murderous doll, Tiffany Valentine Chucky Franchise, studio revealed that complained Chickpea Seeds Was “very gayTilly joined the franchise in 1998 as Tiffany bride of Chucky, which was released 10 years after the original child’s play Hit Theatre. Despite being a late addition to the franchise, Tilly’s character quickly became a fan-favorite and a an integral part of Chucky mythology,

Known for her bleached blonde hair and gothic fashion style, Tiffany serves as the love interest of Chucky, a toy doll possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray. The story goes, Charles brought home two women, Tiffany and Delilah, from a nightclub in 1980, before he was locked in a toy store and transferred his soul to the doll. When Charles produced the knife and threatened to stab the women, Tiffany enthusiastically encouraged Charles to stab Delilah. Feeling uninhibited in Tiffany, Charles stabs Delilah and eliminates Tiffany. From that moment on, the killer couple became inseparable. So much so, that after his soul is transferred to the bride’s doll, Chucky proposes to Tiffany, who eventually gives birth to their doll child, Glenn in 2004 Chickpea Seeds,

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sat down with tilly to an interview and revealed that the film studio originally complained that Chickpea Seeds Was “very gay” And “very strange” According to the actress, the studio also thought “Jennifer Tilly Was Too Much”“In the movie. Tilly further explains what the studio told her”You’ve had your fun. let’s put it to rest“This prompted Tilly to understand that there would be future films in the franchise.”a whole new situation.” See Tilly’s quote about the search for the film studio Chickpea Seeds Very gay below:

“I understood I couldn’t play Tiffany forever. And after Seed of Chucky, the studio was like, ‘He was so gay, it was so funny, and there was too much Jennifer Tilly;’ Because Seed of Chucky was like the top of homosexuality that we had John Waters and the genderfluid kid and I was walking around making wits and I was a doll and Jennifer Tilly. So they’re like, ‘Okay, you had fun Let’s give it a rest.’ So I understood that it would be a completely new situation.”

Tiffany grabs Chucky and drinks juice with a straw

based on Studio’s response Chickpea Seeds, this led Tilly to doubt whether she would ever return as Tiffany. Chucky Voting. However, the actress returned in 2013 as Chucky’s murderous love interest. curse of Chucky, as well as 2017 Chunky’s Creed, Tilly is also reprising the iconic role in SYFY and USA Network’s recent Chucky TV series which premiered on 12 October. Regarding her latest outing as Tiffany, Tilly says it was “great to be on set” And “Strut Around”“For doing everything he didn’t”For a long timeUltimately, Tilly likes to play Tiffany because she “a fun, campy delight,

Despite complaints from film studios Chickpea SeedsOf course, the character of Tilly has continued to pop up throughout the franchise. While later films in the franchise faced poor critical reception, fans still enjoyed watching both Chucky and Tiffany wreak havoc on the world. These are the same fans eager to see Tilly reprises his role In Chucky TV series that airs every Tuesday on SYFY and USA.

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