Stranger Things Season 4 TikTok Compares Characters to Classic Vine

A fan’s TikTok creates a compilation of Stranger Things Season 4 characters depicted as classic Vine that’s fun.

A fan made a hilarious TikTok video comparing strange things Season 4 characters for Classic Vines. strange things Season 4 premieres on Netflix On May 27, 2022. After a nearly three-year hiatus after Season 3, Season 4 certainly garnered a huge audience. Meanwhile, the pandemic’s delay has given the Duffer brothers a chance to rethink Season 4 and make it bigger and make it last longer than any other season. The season introduced several new characters, including fan favorite Eddie (Joseph Quinn) and chilling new villain, Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower).

strange things Season 4 leaned more into the horror genre and was much darker than the previous season. Much of this was due to Vecna’s horrific curse, which claimed the lives of many Hawkins residents, as well as a deep dive into the past of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Dr. What happens when Brenner (Matthew Modine) is used wrong. However, despite the heavy content, viewers still always find a lot funny and relatable strange things Story to put. For example, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) the group’s babysitter and “mom” or Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) parents have painfully awkward relationships.

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Now, a fan, nolanpar1is compiling all the funniest or weirdest truths of strange things And compare them to classic wines. The TikTok videos express Hopper’s (David Harbour) dubious upbringing, Eleven and Mike’s relationship, Mike’s parent-child relationship, and Vecna’s eccentric approach to classic Vine. The result is hilarious and, oddly enough, too on-point to represent different aspects of strange things, Also, of course, another remix of the song “Chrissy Wakes Up” serves as the video’s opening. Click on the link below to watch the video:

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Mike and Eleven roller skate together while Will watches.

As noted by commenters on TikTok, the video was hilariously accurate. It’s also very unique in that it brought wines back into the mix, despite the service being discontinued in 2019. Many see TikTok as the successor to Vine, but this fan found a unique way of combining the past and the present. a hilarious new take strange things, What’s particularly unique about the video is that it wasn’t necessarily kidding. strange things, It really over-capitalized how well the audience got to know each character and their story, to the extent that they could quickly connect a few seconds long classic Vine to the right character and see what the producer found. Had been.

Lastly, it is also interesting to see that viewers find unique ways to enjoy the shows they love. whether it’s sorting Characters on the show at Hogwarts HouseThey are looking for ways to enjoy characters outside the confines of the show, determining each character’s horoscope, or finding out which classic Vine each character is. In many ways, it speaks to the popularity of strange things Fans can be so invested in the characters and re-imagine them through various means. while displaying strange things As hilarious and oddly accurate as the classic Vine characters, it’s also a strong reminder of how important the show’s characters are to fans, to the point that they clearly represent them in a Vine. can see happened.

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Source: nolanpar1

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