Stranger Things: 10 Fan-Favorite Characters According to Reddit

Netflix’s massive hit after almost 3 years of waiting strange things Returns for its final season on 27 May. fans have seen cute Dungeons and Dragons Since the show’s premiere in 2016, monster-fighting nerds grow up before their eyes.

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Plus, the show has introduced fun new characters, while also losing some fans to the treacherous dangers of the Upside Down. Fans await the premiere of Season 4, the members of which strange things The subreddit has put together a poll to decide your favorite Hawkins Nationals.

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Will Byers

Will Byers in his bedroom in Stranger Things

Who could forget the iconic start of Season 1, when Will disappeared into thin air in Hawkins’ woods. Will has run the gamut between being trapped in the Upside Down, in possession of a Mind Flayer, and struggling to fit into the real world as a teenager after all this paranormal trauma.

some reddit users Will consider his favorite character But the inconsistency leaves them wanting more. according to user happy sloth fan, “He was important to the series, a really important character, and such incredible acting, but he was missing for the entire first season, the writers in the third season didn’t give him anything good to work with, and the second In season he was very good.” Despite this, fans can expect to see more of Will in Season 4. His flexibility went unnoticed throughout the series.

mike wheeler

Stranger Things - Mike Wheeler with walkie talkie

Mike is considered by many to be the leader of the main four Best Friends. He has shown great bravery in helping his friends, but season 3 also saw some anger when he becomes Eleven’s lover and curses Hopper’s existence.

Fans have mixed feelings about Mike in recent seasons. the user maybe its maplebeans remains optimistic about the future of his character arc, “Most likely he will lead the charge on the inevitable Eleven rescue mission next season, so let’s hope we get more of that Mike. Helping has a tendency to bring out the best in him.” carosj Agrees, “Mike is still the same kind, caring, loyal person he was in season one. He has flaws like everyone else.”

Lucas Sinclair

strange things lucas

Lucas is highly quotable, sling-shot yielding, wise-cracking, best friend of Mike, Dustin and Will. He never shied away from fighting and has been a fierce friend to the other three boys. Even when the love triangle with Max and Dustin unfolded in Season 2, their loyalty to the two never waned.

happy sloth fan Agree that their loyalty is impressive, even if their drink choice is questionable. He claims that Lucas is “always a loyal friend and a good guy, even when he likes the new Coke!” Fans also admire his weapons, always ready to defend his friends from Demogorgons and evil scientists. the user sedugas78 Reminds fans of his character development, commenting Lucas “has a warrior spirit and is well armed, as well as being able to reflect when he’s gone wrong.”

Nancy Wheeler

After the tragic death of her friend Barb, Nancy didn’t start off on the biggest foot in Season 1. Many fans blamed Barb for being trapped in the Upside Down. But Nancy’s draconian attempts to shut down Hawkins Lab in Season 2 redeemed the character. He stubbornly examined the diseased mice, despite the ridicule of his colleagues; inspired him to discover a link between rats and the mind flayer.

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Her journalistic investigations and her valiant efforts to save her friends changed the minds of some opponents. the user Upside_down246 Appreciating his character arc, “he’s developed the last three seasons.” Her resilience doesn’t go unnoticed, they also love how she doesn’t give up on a thing when she sets her mind to it.

Robin Buckley

Everyone’s favorite Scoops Ahoy ice cream slinger, Robin, joined the crew in Season 3, but has already earned a fanbase. His quick pinch at coworker Steve and his mastery of the Russian language proved him to be a formidable (and fun!) new asset to the team.

Fans immediately pointed to his contribution to season one, user donation_ Explains that he “broke a Russian code, was a good friend to Erica and Dustin, influenced King Steve’s development and got him the job.” Many fans see her friendship with Steve as the highlight of Season 3. acidosis Agreed that “Robin was instrumental to her development this season as well as having a lot of fun with her. The Scoops Ego Gang was Season 3’s MVP!”

Joyce Byers

Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers in Season 3 of Stranger Things

Jonathan and Will’s single mom, Joyce, famously created alphabet lights in an attempt to communicate with Will in the Upside Down. Her relentless quest to save her son, despite everyone believing that she was losing him, was integral to saving Will.

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Her Son’s Pursuit Was a Driving Force in Season 1, Redditor bi_fry “She was eager to get her son back by any means necessary (standing her ground despite looking insane.)” says Moments like she got a ticket to see her. Poltergeist Will prove with “She’s a really caring mom.” fans like theson To promote her creative use of lights, “she did some resourceful stuff, which was one of the most realistic aspects of the show.”


Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things

When the gang finds their new telekinetic friend in the woods, their lives are changed forever. L is barely able to speak English, but soon becomes a vital part of the entire series. Eleven’s powers develop to the point where she can open and close doors to alternate dimensions.

Eleven’s backstory is one of the saddest and reddit users intelligent_seat3659 Tells him that he has to grow up fast. “Eleven is a confusing mix of naivete and maturity—she’s learning how to make decisions, showing kindness.” donation_ Says that her unbreakable friendships with others have been a key factor in her character development over the years, she was “ready to sacrifice their lives to protect Lucas, Dustin, and Mike.”

Dustin Henderson

Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson in Season 3 of Stranger Things

While Dustin’s one-liners provide comic relief, fans consider him a sympathetic character. His scientific curiosity also helps the crew in times of need. In Season 3, he closes the Upside Down’s gate with the help of his homemade radio.

Like Robin, fans once again attribute Dustin’s choice to his friendship with Steve. according to user it5myztory“Their characters are great and together they are the best pairing of the show.” Fans remember Steve “The Hair” Harrington giving Dustin a can of Farrah Fawcett hairspray to level up his game. solidprism Says it’s simply that she is “the most beloved member of the cast by a huge margin.”

Jim Hooper

David Harbor as Jim Hooper in Stranger Things

According to many fans, mornings are for coffee and contemplation and Sheriff Hopper is the backbone of the series. Eleven’s adoptive father was last seen sacrificing himself to help close the Upside Down’s gate.

The sheriff “gave his life for all of them and the world. Hopper was a great father, a great friend, and a good man,” according to CaptainGstring, Fans defend this complex character, simple discourse23 Citing that “we see him risk his life for his friend’s child, traveling to parallel universes to save Will.” While that may seem cruel to some Hopper, he has proven to be as selfless as his adopted daughter, Eleven.

Steve Harrington

stranger things steve

Steve, known as the Babysitter, actually debuted in Season 1 as a hideous character. Over the next two seasons, he developed one of stranger thingbest characters of, Many consider the story of Scoops Ahoy to be the highlight of Season 3.

Fans can’t get enough of Steve. the user donation_ Praises how he “provides loving advice to Dustin, protects Lucas from racist behavior, and risks confronting Billy to protect all the kids.” They all also love a good redemption story, like happy sloth fan The claim “Steve not only had the most incredible character and redemption arc of this entire series, but possibly of any series.” While these are all compelling reasons, HappySlothFan reminds everyone that Steve has “the sexiest hair of anyone in the series.”

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