Stephen King Writes a Surprise Sequel to One of His Scariest Books

Stephen King has written an astonishingly many books during his half-century career as a novelist, but few of them are as brilliantly effective as those as a novelist. Cujo, First published in 1981, it is a claustrophobic story about a woman and her son trapped in a broken-down car by a mad Saint Bernard, and it has undeniably one of the most crushing conclusions in the King canon. . It’s the kind of book you can really only read once… which is partly eye-opening to hear that the author has just finished working on a novel that he says is Killer Dogs. Serves as a sequel to the story of

Stephen King’s next novel, fairy taleis set to be published in the fall, and he has confirmed that he has already written Another book featuring the protagonist Holly Gibney (From Mr. Mercedes trilogy, the outsiderand “If it bleeds”), but the prolific Wordsmith confirmed Losers Club There’s a podcast that they also finished a new novel called “Rattlesnake”. It sounds terrifying, and King notes that he sees it as a follow-up. Cujo, he said,

I just wrote a long story called ‘rattlesnake’. And that includes, in part, twins who are only four years old… falling into a rattlesnake pit. And the snake gets them. It’s a terrible sight… This novel I just wrote, ‘Rattlesnake’… is actually a sequel to Cujo.

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