Steam Users Report Outages, Weird Images While Booting

On October 27th, Steam went down without any apparent explanation and users began reporting strange images when backing up the app.

During the evening of 27 October, Steam Users started reporting that the service was down and strange images were appearing when the app booted up. Valve has yet to comment publicly on the matter, but it also isn’t an entirely unique issue to the platform. Live services and apps go down on a regular basis, but some of the errors that occur with this new Steam outage are particularly strange.

Last year, Steam went down on several occasions, sometimes without explanation. With such a large service, technical difficulties are likely to occur and at times services like Steam may go down for maintenance, although a warning is usually given. This is hardly unique to Steam as both Xbox and PlayStation go down on a semi-frequent basis, resulting in disgruntled gamers taking to social media to see if they are alone in their struggle.

The latest Steam outage comes once again without explanation. Some users were able to play without interruption, but the Twitter account state of steam And other users noted that they couldn’t access their friend list, store, and other online functions. twitter user megadata Also reported strange images appearing upon rebooting the app. At the time of publication, Steam Online appears to be back, but Valve did not explain why the service was shut down for about an hour for some users.

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Source: megadutt/twitterhandjob Steam Status/Twitter

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