Stan Lee’s permission was needed to kill Spider-Man writers [SPOILER]

During a recent virtual event, famous comics writer JM DeMatteis revealed that he needed Stan Lee’s permission to kill Spider-Man’s Aunt May.

Recently during the “Beyond Amazing: Spider-Man Virtual Event”, hosted by Marvel Comics For members of the Marvel Unlimited app, Legendary Spider Man Author JM DeMatteis reflects on how he should ask Stan Lee for permission to kill Aunt May. This is because of how fond Lee was of the character he created. While Aunt May’s death quickly added to the concern of many fans, it was still the character’s most permanent death up to that point, and it It wouldn’t have happened without Stan saying,

Peter Parker’s Aunt May Parker was first introduced in 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and has since become a cultural icon and one of the most consistent non-superhero characters to remain in Marvel’s long publishing history. Stan Lee has often been protective of his previous works, such as commenting on how he meant Peter to end up with Gwen Stacy and not Mary Jane. So it makes sense that he historically rejected the writers’ attempts to kill Aunt May, because her position in Peter’s life was so important to him. The High Stake Choices He Should Make as Spider-Man,

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JM DeMatteis is a prolific comic book writer and author who has worked extensively for both Marvel and DC, but he is perhaps best known for the Spider-Man stories he wrote in the series in the late 1980s. wrote. the amazing Spider Man And great spider man, including the legendary “Craven’s Last Hunt” event, which is lauded as one of the best comic stories of all time. DeMatis was brought to the “Beyond Amazing” event by Marvel Unlimited along with other Spider-Man writers, cast and editors to pay tribute to the 60th anniversary of the creation of Spider-Man. DeMatteis is an incredibly lucky comic producer working at Marvel in the late 80s, Stan Lee’s retirement from Marvel in the 90s long before his passing in 2018, so DeMatteis was able to work directly with the brilliant producer while writing. the amazing Spider Man #400, which led to the death of May Parker.

In response to a fan question about what the process is like for a writer to be able to kill off a major character, JM DeMatteis had this to say:

“I’ve killed some of these characters along the way [laugh] … one time we actually had to go upstairs, when it was time to kill Aunt May and we had to get Stan’s permission on that, because we couldn’t do that without Stan’s permission. But usually it’s between you and your editor and if other writers have complaints they don’t complain to me, they complain to the editor.”

DeMatteis famously wrote the story “A Death in the Family”. the amazing Spider Man #400 (1995), in which Aunt May can be seen recovering from the coma she was in from the beginning The infamous “Clone Saga,” Before passing tragically surrounded by Peter, Mary Jane and Anna Watson. Dematis writes the story beautifully, with haunting art by Mark Bagley, as May slowly walks away while a gorgeous quote from Peter reads. Peter Pan, Clearly wanting to treat the death of such a beloved character with genuine respect and genuine emotion. Even though Stan Lee may have said that Aunt May never died, it seems like a death like this is the only death he’ll accept, where it honors the beautiful life that Mae lived. Aunt May’s death was deeply embroiled Many years later in 1998 great spider man #263, which showed that the dying May was actually a “genetically modified actressHired by the revived Green Goblin in a plot twist that literally didn’t make sense at all.

Aunt May is a classic Marvel character who has featured as a corner stone of every piece of Spider-Man media over the past 60 years, so it’s no surprise that Stan Lee is so concerned about what will happen to her. was emotional. JM DeMatteis’ quote from “Beyond Amazing” not only emphasizes how important Aunt May is Spider Manbut how much respect Marvel Comics writers have been around forever Stan Leeknowing that Lee would like to consult before this in aunt was killed.

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