Squid Game: How the Director’s Own Life Inspired the Show’s Main Characters

Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed the characters Seong Gi-hun and Choe Sang-woo, who were named after their friends and inspired by their own life story.

squid game The director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, reveals how his own life provided the inspiration for the show’s main characters. squid game It premiered on Netflix on September 17th and is fast growing to become the most popular show on the streaming service in countries around the world. The series follows a batch of cash-strapped individuals as they compete in a series of deadly children’s games in the hopes of winning massive cash prizes.

as the success of squid game Growing up, Dong-hyuk begins to open up about his masterpiece. Dong-hyuk revealed squid game was in development Its unique premise spanning over a decade has finally made it to Netflix. However, the show debuted in the perfect time period, where capitalism, competition, and social inequality have become widely scrutinized topics. Thus, despite the extreme circumstances depicted in the series, viewers are able to find characters relating to their financial situations, desperation and willingness to take risks. Part of this relativity may stem from the fact that there was real-life inspiration behind the series.

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in an interview with CNN, director Dong-hyuk revealed that the main characters Seong Gi-hyun and Choe Sang-woo were inspired by their own life experiences. Dong-hyuk explained that Gi-hyun and Sang-woo were named after two of his real-life friends, whom he described as his own. “Internal Clone.” Meanwhile, the stories of both characters closely resemble Dong-hyuk’s own early life. Like the characters, Dong-hyuk comes from an economically struggling region in South Korea and, like Sang-woo, he went to Seoul’s prestigious university and became the pride of his neighborhood. Watch his statement below:

“They [Seong Gi-hun and Cho Sang-woo] represent both sides of me. Like Gi-hun, I was raised by a single mother in a financially troubled environment in Sangmun-dong. At the same time, like Sang-woo, I went to Seoul National University and my whole neighborhood admired me and had high expectations of me. “

Cho Sang Woo looks shocked at the squid game

Dong-hyuk’s personal connection to the series lends even greater importance to its characters and setting. Dong-hyuk’s decision to use a real neighborhood in Seoul, Sangmun-dong, For squid game Establishment Reflects the real social equality and class struggle that exists in South Korea and major cities around the world. Meanwhile, like Sang-woo, Dong-hyuk experiences the pressure that a financially troubled community places on a young man who goes to college. Stories of Dong-hyuk’s childhood and his financial struggles while producing squid game Show how realistic the concept of the show is. Gi-hyun and Sang-woo are not merely fictional characters, but are based on the reality of growing up in a low socio-economic sphere and the burden of high expectations.

Overall, Dong-hyuk’s personal inspiration squid game Promotes the show’s relatability and powerful themes. Since Dong-hyuk’s own history is integrated into the main characters, viewers can empathize with him deeply. The show doesn’t necessarily speak to everyone, but it really speaks to those who are disappointed with their luck, struggling financially, and come from humble beginnings. return of contestants in children’s play squid game This is not as shocking or unrealistic when one considers the lengths one often goes to to get financial security and another chance to come out as a winner in the society. The Story of Dong-hyuk in . lives on squid game and brings recognition and awareness to themes of inequality and the negative consequences of capitalism.

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Source: CNN

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