South Park: 10 episodes where Butters stole the show

Butter Stoch is South Park, Innocent, a resident of Colorado, a character whose presence has grown significantly since appearing as a background character in the pilot episode of the historical Comedy Central series by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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Although South Park Stan, Eric, Kyle, and Kenny Meaney have always been at its core, but two characters in particular have seen their stars rise significantly over the years: Randy Marsh and Butters Stouch. The former has gained the spotlight for having an increasingly precarious personality, while the latter has gained prominence for remaining more or less the same. Butters is probably the sweetest and kindest kid at South Park Elementary School outside of Wendy Tasteburger, and it’s hysterical when placed in the midst of heinous and bizarre situations.

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Aspen (season 6, episode 2)

Ike, Kyle, Butter and Cartman in Aspen

Cartman is at his best when he’s messing with Butters. Fans look no further than “Aspen”, which begins with Cartman telling Stan, Kyle, and Kenny a trick where, when someone’s hand is placed in water while they sleep, they urinate themselves. However, Cartman does not understand this, putting Butter’s hand into a glass of water before urinating on the sleeping child himself.

Butters works for every joke because 9.9 times out of 10 he doesn’t know his role in ribbing. “Aspen” was the episode to introduce the power of Butters and Cartman’s team: their roles in life are such a stark contrast that it’s impossible not to laugh, especially because the viewer knows Cartman will have his arrival. Season 6 is one of Reddit’s favorites Because it took Butters off the edge and made him part of the gang, Season 5 proved to be much more than a season’s experiment in the wake of Kenny’s death.

Freak Strike (Season 6, Episode 3)

The primary focus of Season 6 was how boys Adjust to lose Kenny. As it turns out, they mostly just come up with plans, all using Butters’ reluctant involvement.

Season 6’s third episode, “Freak Strike,” is one of the better examples. to appear on television shows, moriThe boys stick fake testicles on Butter’s chin. Soon, other guests on the show tell Butters about “Lobster Boy”, a charlatan who was boiled alive because he was really just a lobster. There are a lot of jokes in the episode about Butters trying to avoid a similar fate.

Professor Chaos / The Simpsons Already Do It (Season 6, Episode 6 & 7)

Earlier in its race, South Park Tendency to avoid two-parters (with the big exception of “Cartman’s Mom Is a Dirty S—” the bridge between Season 1 and Season 2). Butters wasn’t the only focus of “Professor Chaos” and “The Simpsons Already Did It,” but he certainly owned the episode.

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“Professor Chaos” was, naturally, more banter-focused, as it was his alter ego, but engaged in doing something “the Simpsons already did” until both family Guy The episode slanted in Season 10: Emulating the Style of the Other Show, and the interesting twist was all thanks to Butters’ imagination.

Raisin (season 7, episode 14)

Butter in the Raisin Case of South Park

In “Raisins”, Butters offers South Park with one of its more philosophical moments,

Much of the “Raisins” narrative is devoted to saving Stan and his heartbreak. But Butters also gets a fair amount of time and feels the exact same thing. However, its handling is incredibly mature: Butters tells Stan that the sadness he’s feeling at the moment is worth it because it indicates that the opposite was once the case, making it “a beautiful sadness”.

Good Times With Weapons (season 8, episode 1)

Butters with a Ninja Star in his eye in South Park

of course South ParkBest of the Year, Season 8, in which all the boys get ninja weapons to “play” with. But, playing with death’s legitimate toys is dangerous, and Butters learns that the hard way, despite being basically the only guy who didn’t buy one.

Donning his Professor Chaos costume once again, a ninja star is thrown in the poor kid’s eye, and his teammates don’t even have the decency to take him to the real doctor instead of choosing the vet.

Stupid Spoiled Wh*** Video Playset (Season 8, Episode 12)

Butters in a bear costume in stupid bad whore video playset

Paris Hilton Case South Park“Stupid Spoiled Wh*** Video Playset,” is just one of many classics from the show’s phenomenal eighth year.

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Outside of Hilton, Butters manages to be the primary focus of the episode, though there’s also a hysterical bit about Cartman trying to get invited to a girls’ party with every other boy in the school, to no avail. . But Butters shares the screen with Hilton, and she usually dresses him up in a bear costume and is looking through photo albums of her now-deceased former pets.

The Death of Eric Cartman (Season 9, Episode 6)

South Park - The Death of Eric Cartman

“The Death of Eric Cartman” focuses mostly on the episode’s title character, but it wouldn’t work nearly as well if Cartman hadn’t helped Butters, a boy not kidding.

The boys decide to start ignoring Cartman, hoping his terrible behavior will subside for once, but Cartman just means he’s a ghost. Naturally, Cartman begins threatening to harass Butters unless he helps her cleanse her soul and move on to the afterlife.

Marjorine (Season 9, Episode 9)

South Park Butters as Marjorin

It’s definitely worth the boy pretending his death to his parents The worst thing the gang did to ButtersBut “Marjorine” is still hilarious.

Butters proves again that he is a capable character in “Marjorine” as an episode lead, but in a way different from the other boys. They each have their sympathetic moments, even Cartman, but no one is as teary-eyed as “Marjorine” crying in the bathroom as fellow sleepy party girls listen in, especially Because it’s obvious when Butters yells “You don’t know how hard it is me!” She’s not at all in character as the female persona assigned by her Cartman.

Cartman Sucks (Season 11, Episode 2)

there is no doubt that Cartman has done some terrible things for ButtersBut there was never a greater breach than in the second episode of the 11th season, “Cartman Sucks”.

like many South ParkThe best episode of “Cartman Sucks” finds the Titanic character doing something stupid he thinks is funny that almost immediately pops into his face. In this season 11 episode, he takes a picture of Butter putting a part of his body in his mouth. Butters has a B plot, which is less funny but more poignant.

Butter Bottom Be *** (Season 13, Episode 9)

butter bottom b episode of south park

Butters’ nature rarely deviates from his moral position. However, in Season 13’s “Butters Bottom B-“, he adopts a criminal lifestyle by enlisting female classmates to kiss the boys for $5. But he comes at it “honestly”, without realizing what he was doing before.

Butters’ innocence while effectively serving as a pimp is a strange juxtaposition, not unlike Season 8’s “You’ve Got F’ed in the A,” where his tap-dancing leads to the deaths of dozens.

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