Soul Rivers HD Remaster Coming in August (But It’s Made by Fans)

After more than 20 years, the gothic adventure Legacy of Kain: Soul Rivers is finally getting an HD remaster thanks to one very passionate fan.

vampire-slaying classic, Kane’s Legacy: Soul Reaver, courtesy of a devoted fan, is getting a new remaster. Since its last entry in 2005, Kane’s Legacy: Defiance, for an unfortunate online multiplayer spinoff, the series remains almost untold. However, many fans believe that with the recent acquisition of Crystal Dynamics Embraer Group, One Officer soul Reaver reconstruction just a matter of time.

for 1999, Kane’s Legacy: Soul Reaver It was a phenomenal title. Players control Raziel, a fallen vampire on his vengeful quest to destroy his former brothers and Cain, who killed him. The spectral nature of Raziel gave rise to the game’s iconic “Shift” mechanic, which allows Raziel to travel seamlessly between the spectral and material versions of the world of Nosgoth. Both versions of the larger world of Nosgoth could run simultaneously on consoles as the PlayStation One was quite a feat. This uninterrupted transition sheds light on another technological achievement of whom? soul Reaver As one of the first games to use CD data streaming to eliminate in-game load times. However, for all its technological achievements, soul ReaverIts primary achievement was its compelling story. as the directorial debut of unsolved Veteran Amy Hennig, soul river The cinematic experience should come as no surprise. Despite these achievements, soul Reaver Sadly it has been forgotten by the industry leaving behind its passionate community.

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thanks to the dedicated fan ranaudrone, Kane’s Legacy: Soul Reaver Will finally receive a Full HD remaster this August. RainAudron recently teased the remaster in a video via YouTube, which shows off the comparison. soul ReaverK Dreamcast visuals and newly remastered graphics. Interestingly, some of the better visuals were from original texture sources that contributed Canoe’s Legacy Series artist Daniel Cabuco. Along with graphical upscaling, the game will run at 60 fps and will feature customizable controller settings. Remaster is installed on the Dreamcast port and requires the Flycast emulator to run. Instructions for setting up the flycast and game will be available upon release soul Reaver HD Remaster Website.

Soul River Fan Remaster – Nosgoth Never Look So Good

Although fans can probably see new Canoe’s Legacy Square-Enix’s after-sales games From Crystal Dynamics to Embraer, it’s understandable why fans have become so impatient. During Crystal Dynamics’ tenure under Square Enix, the only attempt was to revive it. Brother were voting Kane’s Legacy: Hear the DeadA reboot was canceled before a public unveiling could be seen, and a competitive multiplayer called . is called nosgoth Abandoned before leaving early access. Square’s quietude for the series, among other successful Eidos reboots tomb Raider And Deus Ex left many disappointed fans wondering whether Canoe’s Legacy Will see a proper follow up anytime. Hope Rainaudron’s success soul Reaver HD Remaster can help Canoe’s Legacy find a place between Sequel and remake ambassador teased earlier For the popular Crystal Dynamics IP.

it’s been a few years Canoe’s Legacy Fans. In a time where sports like Shak-fu To bubsy The follow-ups have been received, it’s sad that such an iconic example of storytelling in video games still hasn’t been given the update it deserves. With Luck, RainAudron’s HD Remaster Might Help Kane’s Legacy: Soul Reaver Find your way to a new generation of players, and maybe, prove that Canoe’s Legacy The franchise is as immortal as its vampire inhabitants.

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Source: RainAudron/YouTube, soul river hd remaster

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