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Amit B Wadhwani’s ‘Buffering Media’ has attracted investments from Singer Sonu Nigam and Arvog Ventures India. The famous singer has denied reports of joining any political party, saying that he has only invested in digital technology company ‘Buffering’ which focuses on political accounts and has no inclination to become a politician. “I have friends in all parties, it doesn’t mean I have aspirations,” he said.

The corporation has reportedly invested Rs. 6 crore in ‘Buffering’, this political tech company founded by entrepreneurs Amit B Wadhwani, Manoj Motiani and Darshani Khatri in 2019. The singer was seen at several politicians’ charity events across India in the last two months and reports are pouring in about him. Meeting with party leaders of two national parties in the country.

Sonu Nigam says, “The media is focusing on news more than the entertainment aspect. I have no political ambitions nor am I joining any political party. I appreciate the reach of technology and hence only Invested in this tech company that expands political personality”.

Amit B Wadhwani, Founder, Buffering, says, “We are confirmed to have received investments from Sonu Nigam G and Arvog Ventures India in June 2021. The new round of funds will be used on the next set of 75 political leaders, to leverage technology and strengthen Research teams in Mumbai and Delhi.”

Buffering currently provides services by invitation to 56 prominent political figures across India, providing them digital, data, technology and AI based amplification services. The current valuation of Buffering is 55M USD. It aspires to collect revenue of Rs 800 crore by 2023, most of which comes from campaigning. Buffering plans to raise INR 150 crores over the next 6 months to expand the entire Indian network before 2022 – the big election year.

Sonu Nigam refutes rumours of joining politics after investment in political tech company

Investor Ketan Kothari, Director – Arvog Ventures India says, “Political election science combined with data and technology is an unexplored industry with a huge revenue potential with an extremely profitable business plan. Buffering founders have built a commendable model that is a big deal in India. Will redefine campaigning. I love to focus on profitability, despite not keeping scale in mind”.

Meanwhile, Darshani Khatri, Co-Founder also says, “India will have many elections in the days to come, the technology game is still very low, we are working in buffering Tier 1 to Tier 6 cities in terms of polling, constituencies, data and Voting patterns are easy to understand and for villages covering the length and breadth of the nation”.

Manoj Motiani – Co-Founder & Creative Head Share- “There is a huge need for purposeful communication about politics. Our vision at Buffering is to create highly engaging political campaigns by combining creativity, data and technology in a contemporary way. He further added that In this digital age it is very interesting to use creative technological solutions to reinforce public knowledge and beliefs on a large scale, almost on an instant and continuous basis.’Politics’ – the use of entertainment, sentiments, colloquial references in politics Will redefine political communication to make leaders and parties more accessible, admirable and relatable.

Buffering aspires to bring about a paradigm shift in communication related to politics so as to close the gap between the people of the country and the personalities who run the country.

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