Sons of Anarchy: Why the Planned Prequel Show Never Happened?

Sons of Anarchy’s prequel series may have previously focused on 9, the first members of the club, but it didn’t — here’s why.

sons of Anarchy made way for a spinoff series titled Mayans MCBut it wasn’t the only project planned for this universe, and while talks were underway for a prequel series, it’s not happening anymore — here’s why. Created by Kurt Sutter, sons of Anarchy It premiered on FX in 2008 and was very well received by critics and audiences, making it possible for the series to live for a total of seven seasons, ending in 2014.

sons of Anarchy Jackson tells the story of “Jax” Taylor (Charlie Hunnam), vice president of the motorcycle club Sons of Anarchy in Charming, California. sons of Anarchy Events start in season 1 When Jacques receives a manifesto written by his late father, John Taylor, one of the club’s founding members, in which he shares his plans and vision for the club. These are very different from the current president (and Jacques’ stepfather), Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), who sends Jacques on a personal journey that makes him question his path, role in the club, relationships, and more. .

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sons of Anarchy The arcs of Jacques and his family wrap up, allowing the club’s story to end and Mayans MC Title Club to explore, but another series could take viewers a few years back to take a look back at SAMCRO’s origins. Back in 2014, Sutter revealed during a live chat (via) Nerdcore Movement) that they had plans for a prequel show to the original sons of Anarchy Chain, He stated that it would focus on the club’s founding members, the first 9, and that his idea was that it should be a miniseries, after which he wanted to release John Taylor’s manuscript titled “The Life and Death of Sam Crowe”. . However, the project is now in limbo after some problems arose between Sutter and Disney.

The relationship between showrunner Sutter and Disney turned sour

In October 2019, Sutter was fired from FX following various complaints about his behavior and left the showrunner chair to co-creator Elgin James. As a result, the relationship between Sutter and Disney is strained, placing his other projects from the universe on hiatus. sons of Anarchy (except Mayans, which is still going strong on FX). talking to deadline Soon after leaving the Mouse House, Sutter explained that the possibility of making first 9 Happen “doesn’t look hopeful“Now, as the studio owns sons of Anarchy And thus he can’t do anything with it. He stated that he wanted the prequel to be a limited series, with four films telling the story of the club from the time of John Taylor and Paine in Vietnam to the arrival of the last member of the original crew, who was Clay.

Parts of the club’s history and the first 9 were revealed throughout. sons of Anarchy seven seasons, but not enough to piece together the club’s backstory. A prequel series focused on the origins of the first 9 and Samcro would have been the perfect complement to Sons of AnarakHaryana And Mayans MC Because it would have solved many questions and mysteries about the club’s backstory, and while the future of first 9 Not looking bright right now, there is still some hope that it might be some way or the other in the near future.

Why was Sons of Anarchy canceled?

Why Sons of Anarchy was renamed the original SAMCRO

Money drives TV like any industry, and FX kicked the show out because they weren’t making money on it. 2014 was not only that year sons of Anarchy The prequel series was publicly discussed; It also saw the overly Shakespearean conclusion of the original series. Judging by some of Kurt Sutter’s comments about the cost of making the show, money seems to be the reason. sons of Anarchy Season 7. was canceled after, In 2021, Sutter pointed out Hollywood Reporter That it cost more to make the show than it did through ratings and advertising. sons of Anarchy Stopped being profitable, put it on the studio chopping block. Unfortunately, even widely acclaimed and influential art eventually comes down to dollar signs and bottom lines.

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Still so sad to see sons of Anarchy The wrap up, the fact that she did this with Season 7, really worked in favor of the show. At this point in the series Jax’s dark and twisted character arc is complete. He is completely immersed in the darkness that lies at the core of SAMCRO, even killing his mother. With the walls closed in their personal and crime lives, Jax’s Tragedy sons of Anarchy death Things end on a Shakespearean heavy level via a tractor-trailer which adds an extra layer to the overall journey and emotional impact of the show. sons of Anarchy The cancellation after Season 7 was a loss to the world of TV crime dramas, but it actually ended up keeping the overall punch of the project powerful enough and brief enough in the grand scheme of things, as in many other similar times. was reduced with Chain. Still, if a prequel comes along someday, it could be as great as the original show, and a significant asset to the franchise.

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