Skyrim: 10 best mods to clear your quests

search in Skyrim Relatively simple, but the mechanics are becoming less desirable in an age when new games are providing more immersive experiences. As such, the whole structure is left feeling quite old and disorganized, but the modding community has come to the rescue in order to try and replace it.

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There are several quest-related modes designed to clean all aspects of it. This can include delaying some quests to keep the story from moving too quickly, or introducing new elements to spice up the formula and give it to experienced players. one more reason to give Skyrim a shot at the modern age.

10 Headhunter – Bounties Redone

dragonborn on horseback with dragon skull in skyrim

search in Skyrim This means having the correct mode in the load order which contributes to the overall immersion. Since a large part of sideline quests involves chasing bounties issued by various Jarls, it pays to keep the experience as fresh as possible. Headhunter – Bounties Redone Completely replaces this mechanic.

Instead of claiming a prize based on word alone, players will now be expected to provide proof that the mine has been removed (bring back the body,

etc.) The mod also allows to capture prisoners, throw them in prison and spare the target from death if they bow down. Overall, it’s a good way to clean up an otherwise mundane and run-of-the-mill search system.

9 Timing is everything SE

A shot of the menu interface for timing is everything mod in skyrim

Many of the search in Skyrim absolutely wonderful, But timing is something of a mixed bag. Low level characters will also be attracted by Mirak’s operatives dragonborn Contacted by Dawnguard soldiers in search of DLC, or vampire hunter recruits. Sometimes, it is better that these quests begin later in the game, as opposed to immediately.

timing is everything It does just that. This allows the player to delay the triggering of particularly important quests until they reach a particular set of requirements. Not only does this allow the main story to be separated from the DLC, but it also prevents too many big quests from starting all at once, which doesn’t feel like a lot of story.

8 choice is yours

Dragonborn denied a quest in Skyrim

Similar to Timing Is Everything mod, choice is yours There is another add-on that allows players more control and flexibility over quests. This mode primarily focuses on how special quests are activated, as opposed to when they are triggered. Now, players will have to actually talk to NPCs to learn more about their special needs, while forbidding special quests altogether.

That’s important, as it feels more dynamic and immersive, not to mention less aggressive. No quests will now be conducted on the player without prior warning. Only by investigating and interacting with people will players be able to pursue various quests in the game, which gives them a feeling of being part of the story.

7 at your own pace

Farenger talks to Dragonborn in Dragons Reach in Skyrim

Some mods opt for a major overhaul of the questline structure, and at your own pace is one of the largest. On the surface, this may sound like another quest delay mode, but it’s actually quite different. This mod changes how NPCs interact directly with the player by preventing them from running into a quest scenario.

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For example, after telling the Jarl of Whiterun about the dragon in Helgen, he will thank the player for his help, and be on his way. It is only by talking to others that the Jarl is a bit in a bind, and needs help coping with the threat. Rushing Story is one of the biggest mistakes Skyrim players makeThis is the reason why this mod is so welcome.

6 YOT – Your Own Idea SE

A title shot of Your Own Thoughts, a dialogue medium for Skyrim

of skyrim The baseline narrative structure is told in the third person, which can get a bit tedious after a while. For true immersion, prefer the mode your own thoughts exist to break the mediocrity and give a new perspective on things. The whole purpose of the mod is to view the events of the game from the player’s own point of view.

As such, text alerts and status updates will always be reported from a first-person perspective. It also explains how some of the game’s mechanics work. Instead of the standard text notification after saving the game, YOT will give a “Progress Quickly Scribd…” note to maintain immersion.

5 spread

A title shot of the Missile Mod for Skyrim

A medium that helps clear up sideline search clutter, while offering a little bit of content at the same time spread. This mod is rapidly gaining popularity, with expanding various sideline missions involving killing, hunting, retrieval, gathering and courier duties.

Each hold has its own notification board which players can check to know what jobs are available. It’s nice to have them centralized in one place, but the fact that they’re centered around quests within each respective hold is even better. It splits up each area’s mission lists, allowing players to scout the surrounding area instead of fast traveling in Skyrim.

4 Stones of Barenziah Quest Marker

A stone from Berenzia with a quest marker overtop in Skyrim

The fact that this mod has been out for so long is a testament to how annoying the “No Stone Unturned” quest is. At first glance, it looks like a fun treasure hunt, but it soon turns into a harrowing and nearly impossible task of scouring the entire thing. Skyrim For 24 identical stones.

Some brave masochists welcome the challenge, while others prefer to know where the infamous stones are hidden. Barenjiah Quest Marker’s Stones Helps players point in the right direction, reducing the burden of keeping their eyes open at all times one more Red gem in a box.

3 Skyrim’s Sidequests

Dragonborn helps a character collect materials in Skyrim

Similar to the missiles approach, this mod focuses more on individual NPCs, and how they interact with the player when it comes to offering new quests. Each NPC has a specific side quest that needs to be completed, whether it’s sharpening one of their weapons, moving packages, or collecting materials for them.

Skyrim’s Sidequests Adds a little more interactivity with a regular stock of NPCs and can lead to friendships, marriages, or a solid business relationship. Questions can also be quashed by reading a note twice, which tears it in two. Immersion is an important factor here, keeping everything nice and tidy.

2 Civil War Overhaul – Redux

A title shot of three guards in Skyrim ready to put up a fight

of skyrim The story involves a massive civil war between two opposing factions – the Stormcloaks who claim themselves to be the rightful heirs of the province, and the Imperials, who are being pushed into it through the White-Gold Concordat. Unfortunately, Civil War isn’t nearly as exciting in vanilla base game form.

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Luckily, Civil War Overhaul – Redux Fixes everything by offering a complete overhaul of fights from top to bottom. It restores a closed base game mechanic that involves capturing and conquering by force in order to gain a foothold on enemy territory. Other additions include an espionage infiltration system, disguise to sneak into enemy positions, and more.

1 Your Case of Choice – A Dark Brotherhood Expansion SSE

A shot of the menu interface for Your Choices Matter, a mod in Skyrim

The Dark Brotherhood’s story is filled with discoveries that make up the larger narrative, but only so much of the wiggle room is with the players. your choice matters Attempts to reconstruct the entire Dark Brotherhood plot by creating a meaningful impact of personal choices.

This leads to an alternate ending, which is a big step up from the original game. Not only does this give players a sense of greater freedom and flexibility in how they deal with the Dark Brotherhood, but it’s great for those looking for a surprise during another playthrough.

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