Skins: Zodiac sign for each first generation character

Content Warning: This article discusses alcohol, substances, eating disorders, and mental health.

hit channel 4 series skins It became a worldwide sensation when it premiered in 2007. The series is divided into three generations of characters, each receiving at least one dedicated episode. This allows the audience to get to know each character more deeply and understand what is happening in their lives when they are separated from their friends.

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The character-focused nature of the series allows each member of Gen 1 to play the . Provides a natural structure for assigning from skins a zodiac sign. Each character represents their own set of values, which is reflected in their choices and subsequent actions.

Updated by Svetlana Sterlin on August 20, 2021: skins (UK) is one of the seminal entries of its genre. Years after its finale, many other teen shows have been influenced by this British comedy. An American remake was ordered, but did not capture the essence of its predecessor. This is largely thanks to the characters, who define the mood of each generation. The diversity of the original group is reflected in the unique personalities of the characters – who match the signs of the zodiac perfectly.

12 Aries – Tony Stonemay

Skin Tone Stonem Wearing Shirt In Bedroom

Tony Stonem excels at pretty much everything he strives to do. From academics to impressing his friends, Tony seems to have figured it all out. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is often seen as the leader of their group. Like Tony, they dive into the unknown headfirst, maintaining an optimistic demeanor.

Tony with his short temper is a good fit for the fanatical Aries. It sometimes gets better than that and sabotages the best and worst of his relationships skins. The dark side of Aries lies in their manipulative invincibility complex, displayed through Tony’s massive deceit and reckless abandonment, which eventually leads to him being fired by his friends.

1 1 Taurus Posh Kenneth

A supporting character to the main cast, the posh Kenneth appears in several episodes. during the first three seasons of skins, primarily as Anwar’s friend. Posh is a street rapper who is very outspoken and educated and works as a fun-loving party mate. In addition to being a source of humorous relief, Kenneth displays the strong will and determination of Taurus.

Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, is one of the zodiac’s best taste makers – these bulls love to indulge and have a good time. Posh certainly enjoys a good party and often organizes a rowdy get-together. He may not be the main character, but his personality shines through in moments like a chili eating contest, which cements him as a Taurus.

10 Gemini – Sketches

Sketch of Skins lying on his bed in the dark looking at the camera

Sketch is another side character who plays a very important role in the lives of the first generation. Sketch lives with his mother in the same apartment block as Maxxi. She develops an unhealthy obsession with him that continues even after he is strongly rejected by her.

The sketch then reveals her Gemini nature when she dates Anwar to make Maxi jealous. This zodiac is represented by the twins and their duality and unpredictability. Geminis are also clever, creative, and quick on their feet, all positive Gemini qualities that Sketch also possesses – but choose to use in a negative way.

9 Cancer – Anwar Khararali

Cancers are known to be the anxious type, and they struggle with self-confidence issues. This is certainly true for Anwar, who doesn’t know where he fits into his social circle or his religious family.

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Anwar matches the traits of Cancer through his nervousness and his pushy attitude in his relationship with Sketch, who uses him. Cancers find it difficult to stand up for themselves, which is why they like to have a group of friends around, like Anwar.

8 Leo – Angie

Angie is the guidance counselor whose affair with Chris ends. Proud, principled and in control, Leos love to be the center of attention and can’t help but feel flattered whenever they are complimented or admired. Angie’s struggle with her feelings for Chris stems from her desire to be loved, like the lion of the zodiac.

Leo is also known for their warmth. Although their relationship is very inappropriate, Chris likes Angie partly because she is a steady, reliable presence who provides her with care and comfort. Luckily, Chris is able to see that she just isn’t right in front of him. premature and untimely termination skins.

7 Virgo – Cassie Ainsworth

Like the other characters, Cassie has her struggles. Her pervasive battle throughout the series is with her eating disorder and self-worth. Virgos are known to be hypochondriacs, who constantly worry about their health, and are among those who depend on alcohol and other substances.

Cassie is delicate and poised, but the image is carefully crafted as she is her own worst critic. While Virgos are strong, intellectual, and capable, they are sometimes their own worst enemy, for fear that they lack the ability to witness to everyone else. Virgos, on the other hand, are practical, methodical and consistent. Like Cassie, they are perfectionists, but they are also kind and gentle, as seen in her friendship with Chris.

6 Libra – Maxxi Oliver

Libras are known for being flirtatious, and in turn, they are generally liked by others, as is Maxxi. Their fair, pleasant natures are what make Libras the peacemakers of their social circle. Maxxi is the glue that holds Gen 1 together and is often the one to correct Anwar’s mistakes.

Ruled by Venus, Libra has an affinity for art and visual aesthetics. Maxxi reflects this through her passion for dance and eclectic taste in fashion. His easygoing charm makes him attractive to sketches and even people like Tony, but is also well-liked in his platonic relationships with friends and family.

5 Scorpio – Effie Stonemay

Effie’s character once turns into the main cast in Gen 2, but in the first two seasons, she’s dark, silent, and mysterious—all typical traits of a Scorpio. During the first two seasons, she barely speaks. Scorpios are known to have a penchant for mystery, and Effie approaches their puzzles very purposefully.

His presence is powerful and demanding, and he is a natural leader even at a young age. Beneath his tough exterior, however, he is kind and loyal. However, she may be resentful, especially in her relationship with her parents. Effie’s crafty nature also makes her a typical Scorpio man.

4 Sagittarius – Chris Miles

Chris is a standard wandering Sagittarius, never staying in one place for too long. After his mother unexpectedly abandons him in Season 1, Chris is left to fend for himself, unable to handle the responsibility responsibly. His party animal lifestyle and open-minded philosophy reflect the Sagittarius man.

During His Controversial Season 2 EpisodeIn , Jal convinces Chris to give up his “f*** it” attitude and take some responsibility for finding himself a job, which goes against the grain of nomadic Sagittarius. This zodiac is considered to be rebellious, restless and always longing for freedom. No one can really contain Chris, and that holds true until his tragic death.

3 Capricorn – Water Phaser

Jal is known for his strong will and forgiving, unstoppable work ethic. She focuses her whole life around the competition of the composer of the year. Capricorns are workaholics who value power and control, as does Water.

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In Season 2, Water agrees to stop saying “no” to everything after Chris dares her to be more open-minded. It is typical for Capricorns to be close-minded, decision-makers, and retrograde. These qualities stem from their strong ambition, perseverance, and practicality – all of which the Waters display on a daily basis.

2 Aquarius – Michelle Richardson

Michelle, elusive and unable to get what she wants, can only be an Aquarius. Classifying this zodiac sign is difficult, partly because they are constantly changing. Michelle seems to be changing her mind every day. Sometimes, she cares a lot about her academics, such as when it comes to her Spanish and French classes, but at other times, she neglects her education and is a rebel.

As the benefactor of the zodiac, Aquarius values ​​intelligence over physical attractiveness, which Michelle proved when she broke up with Tony. Before she starts dating Sid, she seems cold, condescending and unpredictable to him, but soon she reveals a more compassionate side to herself. His ever-changing nature makes Michelle an Aquarius.

1 Pisces – Sid Jenkins

There’s a Love Square going on in Season 1 skins When Sid’s unrequited love for Michelle, his best friend Tony’s girlfriend, blinds him to Cassie’s apparent advances. However, as a Pisces, he bears the emotional pain of this romantic accident for a long time. Like this water sign, Sid is unwilling to take action in his relationships, which usually plagues everyone around him.

Pisces guys are good at empathizing with their peers, which is why Sid is so quick to hook up with Cassie. However, he is also deeply loyal and hesitates to leave Michelle and Tony to spend more time with Cassie. All of these qualities strengthen Sid’s reputation as a Pisces zodiac sign.

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