Simone Biles thanks university for privately practicing at her gym amid Tokyo Olympics – E! Online

Juntendo University’s Gym Always Holds a Special Place Simone Biles‘ Heart.

For this the 24-year-old gymnast trained personally after the women’s gymnastics team withdrew from the finals. 2020 Olympics.

She tweeted on August 4, “I will be forever grateful to Junetendo for allowing me to train separately to try to regain my skills.”

According to wall street journal, university professor kazuhiro aokic On July 28, there was a call asking if Biles could practice at the school away from the limelight.

“It’s a complicated matter,” he was told, according to the publication. “But this is for Biles.”

The call reportedly came 12 hours after Bayless performed her vault routine and removed himself Women’s Gymnastics Team Finals– citing a case of “twists” or disorientation in the middle of the air, and the need for attention to his mental health as reasons for withdrawing. The US women’s gymnastics team won the silver medal.

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