Shonda Rhimes teases if she knows how Grey’s Anatomy will end – E! Online

Do not panic, gray key Fans, the medical drama isn’t going anywhere. (not yet anyway.)

in an interview with Diversityhandjob gray’s anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes Discussed what the future holds for Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Emmy Award Winning Series, Starring Ellen Pompeohandjob kate walshow And Chandra Wilson, which first aired in 2005 and is in its 18th season, grabs headlines every season as fans question when the beloved show will end. But when that day comes, does Rhimes know what will happen in the finale? apparently not!

“I wrote the ending of that series, I want to say, a good eight times,” Rhimes said in the interview. “I was like, ‘And that will be the end!’ Or, ‘That will be the last thing ever said or done!’ And all those things have already happened. So I leave it, you know what I mean?”

We know exactly what that means!

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