Shawshank Redemption: Why Andy didn’t share his plan with Redd

The Shawshank Redemption sees wrongly convicted Andy Dufresne embarking on a daring escape, but he doesn’t share his plans with best friend Redd.

The Shawshank Redemption Sees wrongly convicted Andy Dufresne make a daring escape, but he does not share his plans with best friend Redd. Throughout the film, Andy (Tim Robbins) claims that he is not guilty of murdering his wife and her lover, although it is never fully clarified whether or not he is telling the truth – and many fans believe that Andy is really guilty. However by the end of the film, the plot of the film has shifted from this aspect of his life. Andy tries his best to stay out of trouble while in prison, yet he is repeatedly beaten and harassed, both by other prisoners and in positions of authority.

Andy becomes an extremely sympathetic character during The Shawshank Redemptionof the run time, and viewers are left against the hope that he will actually manage to escape the Titanic prison. When he finally does, the viewer feels a rush of catharsis and euphoria alongside Andy celebrating in the rain. He had to go through a literal tunnel of hell, and sewage, to do this, but Andy passed out.

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Of course, while this is great for Andy, it didn’t do much to help Red (Morgan Freeman), the companion who became his closest ally while Shashank was inside. Things are working out fine for Red, as he is released on parole the following year, but Andy had no way of knowing for sure that would happen. Realistically though, Andy was right not to tell Red about his escape plan for several good reasons.

For starters, Andy’s well-crafted Shawshank Redemption The escape plan couldn’t possibly have worked for the two men. It was specifically tailored for him and her only, and attempts to involve someone else would certainly have thwarted it. Furthermore, it is likely that Redd would not be interested, as he knew he would be up for a shot at parole very soon. Also, the more loyal friends Red was, the more people know about a secret plan, the more danger that plan becomes. If at any point Red had accidentally slipped something, and Warden Norton found out, it’s possible that some terrible vengeance would have been in store for both Red and Andy, and he clearly would never have escaped successfully.

This extends to possible repercussions after Andy’s escape, as the inmates and staff at the prison knew the two had become close friends, and Red was probably the first to ask how Andy escaped or where he wanted to go. Leaving Red in the dark about those details enabled him to answer those questions truthfully, and not run the risk of finding out that he intentionally assisted. Andy’s Tunnel Based Escape Plan, who could have been abused or worse in prison. Red’s parole may also have been in danger, so even though Andy manages to expose Norton and his accomplices after his escape, it is doubtful that the parole board has The Shawshank Redemption Will lovingly watch one prisoner help another prisoner escape, or hide information about him.

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